For most of us, holiday decor usually means a tree, some tinsel, a few strings of light, lots of festive DIYs that you can hang up in your living room and maybe a pine-scented candle. For others, like the Johnson family, who live in San Antonio, it means delivering the most insane light show the world has ever seen. The family has been at it since 2013, and this year’s show is bigger and better than ever (Would you expect anything less from Texas?). When we say they know how to do it up real big for Christmas, we mean like in-the-club big.

The family’s Christmas light show video has already garnered over 600,000 views on YouTube and counting. And yes, while it’s a long video — over 11 minutes in total — watch it ’til the end, because it’s soo worth it, and be sure the sound is turned ON. The custom mix is definitely a co-star to the light show, and it’s Christmas music like you’ve never heard it before. You’re not gonna know if you’re ready to party or go caroling.

Plus, since this is a family light show after all, they even included the fave songs of the Johnson family kids, like “Let It Go” from Frozen…

… and “Everything Is Awesome” from the Lego Movie.

The spectacle is so awe-inspiring, family patriarch Matt Johnson, a self-professed techie, even created a video that takes you BTS and answers a bunch of viewers’ questions on exactly how the family pulled off such a ginormous feat (spoiler alert: a lot of intricate planning and DIYing).

Entranced yet?

Check out the whole video below.

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