Ed Sheeran knows how powerful social media can be, having witnessed first-hand the way buzz can quickly go viral (surely you saw the rampant engagement rumors and Game of Thrones backlash), which is why he鈥檚 trying to use Instagram鈥檚 massive reach in the BEST way possible: to help save a little girl鈥檚 life.

Earlier this week, Sheeran posted a pic of himself holding up a handwritten sign that reads, 鈥#JoinforJasmi www.DKMS.org.uk.鈥 In his caption, he explained, 鈥7 year old Jasmi urgently needs a blood stem cell donor. There is a worldwide search and we urge you to join the register. It鈥檚 free! It鈥檚 easy! A simple cheek swab and you might be able to save a life.鈥

Jasmi Hill, daughter of The Suffers鈥 EU/UK tour manager Paul Hill, is in need of a bone marrow match. (Unfortunately, only around 30 percent of people find a matching donor within their family, according to DKMS.) The family鈥檚 plight has sparked an international search for someone who can provide the stem cells Jasmi so desperately needs.

For more information, use the hashtag #JoinForJasmi or visit DKMS, which helps finds matches and donors for those in need.

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(h/t NME; photos via Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)