If there’s one thing we know to be true about Ed Sheeran (besides the fact that his music always gives us all the feels), it’s that he’s a stand-up kind of dude. When he heard a girl singing his song at the mall, he hopped up on stage to turn it into a duet. He takes photos with fans on his phone when theirs are out of battery. And most recently, he traveled half way across the UK on his day off from his tour to help a friend propose.

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Sheeran made the trip from London to Manchester to assist Jake Roche from the band Rixton pop the question to his girlfriend, Jesy Nelson from the band Little Mix. In a picture-perfect Insta moment we see Jake down on one knee, Jesy clasping her hands over her mouth in surprise and Ed in the background singing and strumming away on his guitar. Jake captioned the photo, “A year ago today I met her at manchester arena, so it was only right, with a little help from my friend, that this happened. Best day of my life.”

Little Mix was set to perform at the Key 103 Summer Live event this past Sunday. As they were doing their soundcheck, Jake and Sheeran popped on stage (the very same stage where Roche and Nelson met a year earlier) to surprise Jesy. And as you may have already guessed, she said yes.

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In addition to his Instagram documenting the moment, Jake also tweeted a thank you to Sheeran saying, “Travelled 5 hours to sing our favourite song on his day off. I will never ever be able to repay you. Love you pal. @edsheeran.” Ed fittingly replied, “my absolute pleasure. Thanks for the KFC.” Ed, if you want to serenade us whenever our proposal moment comes, we promise to repay with all the fried chicken you could ever want.

(Photos via jake_rixton, @jesymix14 and Anthony Harvey/Getty)