A garden is a living breathing thing with complex relationships between plants and their environment. A master gardener has to be mindful of these relationships and understand the interaction between water, air, light and earth; we call this innate knowledge a “green thumb.” For the rest of us, understanding the complexity of gardening may not come so naturally, and there is only so much Miracle Gro you can buy before you give up your dream of a vegetable garden.

Welcome to the garden of Edyn, a soil sensor that promises even those of us with the blackest of thumbs, that yes, you can nurture a gorgeous garden and help make the planet a little bit better place. Edyn is a smart garden system that monitors and tracks the environmental conditions specific to your garden, helping your plants thrive.

Edyn assesses soil nutrition, tracks the soil’s humidity, the temperature and the kind of sunlight your garden’s getting throughout the day. Since no two gardens are the same, Edyn tells you exactly what vegetables and flowers will do the best in your garden, meaning you won’t waste time and money trying to force certain plants to thrive. It also suggests possible plant groupings and the optimal time for planting.

We love the absence of complicated buttons and dials: the device is elegant and unobtrusive, solar-powered and pairs with an app via WiFi so you can always be up to date on what your garden needs.

As some of us know all to well, it’s easy to over water your garden. Now, Edyn’s water valve can be there to rescue your garden from an unintentional drowning. It works with your existing sprinkler system, and while it doesn’t run on an pre-set schedule, it’s controlled by your app, so you can keep things watered even while you’re on vacation. It knows what your garden needs on any particular day and adjusts the watering settings to give your plants exactly what they need. This means no more under watering, and it also means cutting back on wasteful water usage: your plants get just what they need and the environment gets a tiny bit happier.

The app is a wonderful way to stay on top of things without spending countless hours in your garden. Thanks to Edyn, you never have to worry about frost or missing the peak time to harvest your heirloom tomatoes. As the sensor monitors the conditions, it will alert you to changes that require immediate action.

So, how does this all work? Edyn passes a harmless electrical signal through the soil to gather information on how much lime, fertilizer or compost your soil needs. That electrical signal is sensitive enough to notice shifts in moisture, acidity and fertility. Each sensor covers 250 feet of ground, so if you’re a rooftop gardener, you’ll only need one. It even works indoors if you want to use it for your windowsill garden. Edyn is solar powered so you’ll never have to worry about changing the batteries and a smart power algorithm ensures the device stays online even during cloudy weather.

If you’re a new gardener who just went crazy in the plant section this spring, Edyn will help you grow those babies into the lushest, happiest garden you’ve ever dreamed of. If you’re already a pro at gardening, Edyn will give you new insight into what’s happening beneath the surface and inform you of plant stressors you might not notice until it’s too late. Small farms could even use this high-tech device to limit water waste and produce healthier crops. Support Edyn on Kickstarter before July 8th so that they can get to production before we manage to kill our last tomato plant.

Would you use this high-tech device in your garden? Let us know int the comments below!