Remember a few weeks ago when we sent a brand new batch of exclusive Brit Kits to over 400 lucky readers?! Well, those clever Co-Opers have certainly been busy making all sorts of creative takes on our Embroidered Watch Strap project, and we’re so excited to share a handful of snaps from parties that took place all over the country. It’s all part of our partnership with Timex® — and now, it’s time to par-DIY! :)

Folks from New York to Nashville to Northern California had a field day with these kits, and came up with some super creative designs we’re totally swooning over.

Want to host a par-DIY of your own? Apply to be part of the Brit Co-Op and we’ll keep you posted on upcoming events!

For this par-DIY, each host received 11 kits (one for her plus 10 for friends) containing the following:

Timex Weekender Watch

– embroidery thread in three colors

– embroidery needles

– gold scissors

Now, time to get to work. We love seeing all the materials come to life in different hosts’ homes — making things with friends is pretty much the best :)

These party-planning gals didn’t skimp in the snack department — just look at that spread! We also happen to love all those patterns.

What we were most impressed about were all the creative designs these DIYers came up with.

We see lots of our old friend chevron, a few stripes, a few hearts and we love the one where our DIYer used the edges of the watch strap to create a pattern.

All in all, this was a par-DIY for the ages. Thanks to Timex® for making it all happen!

This post is a collaboration with Timex.