We all know that the new year is about putting fitness back in focus. Whether you’ve looked down at your post-holidays tush and realized “oh dang, I really DID eat all those cookies” or just opted to start your year with a self-care bang, there’s no better time to put health first. And luxury fitness club chain Equinox is making that point loud and clear.

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.35.02 AM

The company is turning heads with a beautiful new ad campaign that includes a woman breastfeeding twins in public with the caption “Commit to Something.” In a press release, the company explains:

From a young mother unapologetically breastfeeding in public (portrayed by Lydia Hearst), to an activist who is seen fearlessly taking a stand for her cause (featuring Bianca Van Damme, daughter of Jean-Claude Van Damme), to a male-cheerleading champion who wasn’t threatened by a stereotype and dedicated himself to winning in his own way (featuring MMA fighter Alan Jouban). All vignettes are a virtuous expression of taking deliberate action and going “all in.”

Breastfeeding out in the open shouldn’t be cause for controversy in 2016 (hi, it’s called infant nourishment?) but it’s definitely an interesting choice of image for a fitness chain. Maybe it’s meant to provoke, or maybe it’s just trying to say “mamas are fierce af.” One thing’s for sure: The Steven Klein-shot photograph is truly striking.

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(h/t People + photos via Equinox)