The holidays are here, and that means dinner parties galore. If you’re the type who loves to host OR if you’re throwing your first dinner party ever, we’re sharing lots of fun things to give a new spin on your infamously awesome dinner shindigs. If you’re more of the “I avoid hosting like the plague” type but somehow got roped in, we’ve got essentials to reduce your stress and amp up your excitement for the big event.

1. Full Alphabet Cake Topper ($32): If pre-made cake toppers can’t quite capture the essence of what you want to convey, try this alphabet cake topper and spell out anything you’d like.

2. Elephant Balloon Weight ($8): You’ve gotta keep your balloons grounded, and there’s no reason not to do it in style. Tie balloons to its trunk, tail and feet or just place his toes on top of your balloon strings and invite your guests to snag a balloon for themselves.

3. Party Balloons ($12): Speaking of balloons, this set of seven party-themed balloons is adorably on point for any celebration you can imagine. Always feel free to give ’em a little customization with a gold or silver paint pen.

4. Bay Bridge Towel ($14): Everyone has a kitchen towel hanging from their oven or fridge, but not so many have one that’s this cool. Think of it as an easy way to add style to your kitchen.

5. Biere Glasses ($52): The golden block lettering and exquisite shape of this set of four beer glasses make for some classy beer-drinking time. Just think of how good they’ll look filled with some delicious pumpkin ale.

6. Flower Confetti ($14): Confetti = great. Litter = not so great. This eco-friendly flower petal confetti solves that problem and adds some extra whimsical glam. Try setting a table in an all-white theme and popping a couple of these open (or let your guests shoot them off across the table) for some DIY decoration.

7. Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook ($20): We love the tongue-in-cheek premise of this book. It’s sure to get a laugh out of your guests as well as serve up some seriously delicious chicken recipes.

8. Coast Coasters ($32): From New York to LA and everywhere in between, there’s something for everyone with this set of Coast Coasters. Get crafty and draw dots on the places you want to go while you plan your next adventure over drinks.

9. “Homemade” Cookie Stamp ($8): Eliminate any confusion and celebrate the delicious hard work you do for your beloved guests. Plus, we’re always looking for excuses to put a stamp on it.

10. Brown Ale Beer Brewing Kit ($45): Why not fill the beautiful Biere glasses we mentioned above with some toasty homemade brown ale? Wow your guests (or even just your beau if it’s a dinner for two) with your fermentation skills.

11. Glitter Cake Pops ($6): Bite-sized cake and edible glitter? There’s really nothing better. They look tres chic on almost any serving tray, but try perching them atop a killer cake stand to really let them shine.

12. Golden Cocktail Shaker ($36): Finally, here’s a cocktail shaker as fabulous as you are. Highlight your creative and delicious liquid confections from the moment you prepare and pour them.

13. Party Time Headband ($14): No doubt about it: You’re about to have a good time, and this headband says it all for you. If you and your crew are headed out for a night on the town after dinner, these pink beauties are sure to stir up good times.

14. Pineapple Ice Cube Tray ($10): No proper dinner party is complete without festive ice to go along with it. While these are perfect for summer barbecues and picnics, they’re also a simple way to add a summery vibe to your winter gatherings.

15. Jalapeno Margarita Mix ($8): Yes, please! This slightly sweet, slightly tart mix has just the right amount of heat to give a good kick, but not knock your socks off. Add tequila and enjoy!

16. Letter Balloon ($12): Our thoughts exactly. Spell out anything you can think of with these individual letter balloons. Try “Oui” for Bastille day, or initials for a friend’s birthday bash.

17. Rose Dinner Napkins ($48): This set of four dinner napkins sports the perfect combo: pretty colors and fun designs. Each quadrant of the napkin has its own design, so you can mix ‘n mach or go for cohesion — whatever you’re feelin’ that day.

18. Hangover Prevention Cocktail Fortifier ($13): Trust us — your guests will thank you later. Simply add a drop or two to your lively libations and stop hangovers before they start.

19. DIY Sushi Kit ($20): If you’re going for a Japanese-themed dinner but don’t want to settle for takeout, this DIY sushi kit is here to save the day. Follow the detailed instructions found in the kit and you’ll be a sushi master in no time. If you want your guests to share in the fun, just prep the sushi and rice beforehand — all that’s left is the rolling, laughing and eating.

20. Tinsel Garland ($45): Nothing says party time like tinsel. Save yourself the stress and hassle and spring for these pre-made tinsel garlands. Just string ’em up and party on, Garth.

21. Serving Utensil Set ($12): Serving up salad has never looked so good. The contrast of the subtle colors of the handle with the light wood is absolutely stunning.

22. Watercolor Cake Kit ($34): Let dessert steal the show with this watercolor cake kit. Make one yourself and wow your guests or host a watercolor cake dinner party and everyone can make their own!

Which one of these essentials has you planning your next dinner bash? Let us know in the comments!