Some people bounce out of bed at sunrise every morning for an early workout, but you’re a bigger fan of snooze. If it were up to you, you’d hit snooze until it was lunchtime. If you’d rather party all night than seize the first signs of sunlight, sometimes all it takes is a few product perk-me-ups to really ignite the day. Either way, we’ve got what you’re looking for in terms of simple ways to add some magic to your mornings.

1. It Is Already Within You Mug ($22): What better words to hear when you wake up? Sip a little encouragement with your cup o’ joe. This will become your morning mantra in no time.

2. Modern Makeup Vanity ($70): Not your mother’s vanity. The wood and iPad blend strike the perfect nature and tech balance. The best part? You’re only a finger tap away from a selfie.

3. Bloody Mary Mix ($18): When you have one of those mornings, there’s little more you can do than get your butt to brunch with your friends. When you can’t manage to swing even that, this Bloody Mary mix will be your lifesaver. Who knows, you might even feel inspired to bring the brunch to you.

4. Birds of Paradise Calendar ($32): Birds of paradise are no longer only for the yoga mat. Bring those feathery creatures into your daily life with this vibrant and colorful calendar.

5. Smartphone Car Mount ($39-$45): Running late to that super important meeting? Eliminate the hassle of fumbling with your phone with this easy-to-use car mount. Just hang it from your air vents!

6. Sugar Scrub ($18): One of those unbelievable scent combos that you just can’t get enough of, this vanilla citrus scrub will have you springing out of bed and into the shower in under a minute.

7. Cold Brew Coffee Kit ($32-$48): Say goodbye to making coffee and sticking a cup in the fridge, hoping it cools down enough for you to actually enjoy before you have to head out the door. Skip straight to the good stuff with this cold brew coffee kit.

8. Hikari Backpack ($84-$89): Maybe you’re biking to work or your shoulders are really starting to hurt from the shoulder bag approach. This backpack is everything you need. Haul your stuff around with less stress and more style.

9. Door Blessing ($48-$78): If you can’t manage anything else, you can at least hang these beauties over your door for endless future blessings. Get a hat tip from the powers that be every time you pass through your front door.

10. But First, Coffee Thermal ($14): Chatty roommate? Friend at the dog park who is always a little too talkative before 9am? This thermal says it all so you don’t have to. And it’s super cute to boot.

11. Gem Speaker ($40): Morning tunes are essential. Crank it up a notch with this glam gem speaker. Bonus: it’s portable! Toss it in your tote and get some extra mileage out of it at work too.

12. Good Morning Tee ($26): Having an excellent morning? Bring those good vibes with you all day long with this tee. We imagine pairing it with a high-waisted skirt and rolling up the sleeves a bit. Tres chic.

13. Graphic Tote ($104): From an umbrella to a change of clothes for the gym, this tote carries it all in geometric style. Instructions: Toss everything in and go.

14. Get Up and Hustle Print ($60-$180): More motivating words have never been spoken. Hang this in your bedroom and these words will be the the first thing you see when you wake up. If you go with hanging it near your front door, they’ll be the last thing you see before you enter the world for the day. Yas!

15. LED Bike Tape Lights ($15): Speaking of biking to work, snazz up your morning commute with this LED bike light tape. Safe and rad.

16. Lost Key Locator ($25): It happens to the best of us — even those of us who “never lose anything ever!” Sync this little device with an app on your phone and you’ll never have to frantically retrace your steps again. Best part: It works in reverse.

17. Miami Beach Soy Candle ($22): Bring some sand, sun and palm trees to your morning (and whenever else you need a little pick-me-up) with this tropical dream candle.

18. POPI Soap Set ($48): Inspired by the line started by Piper and Polly in OITNB, these soaps are great in the shower and on display in your bathroom. Look at that package design!

19. Rose Water Face Splash ($25): Keep your skin glowing and wake up your senses with this toning face spray. Subtle yet invigorating, this rose water-scented face spray is a quick way to inject energy into your morning.

20. Jewelry Tree ($29): This jewelry tree will replace agonizing over which accessories to wear with elated adoration while you admire how great all your pieces look dangling off this golden gem.

21. Gold Leaf Valet Kit ($24 on sale): Drop your keys and other miscellaneous items in this DIY dish, and each time you go to reach for something you’ll be reminded of how awesome and crafty you are for making such a glorious dish.

22. Wallet Tracker ($25): Maybe keys aren’t your vice and it’s your money you’re losing. Slip this little gadget into your wallet or purse and never lose your essentials again.

Which of these must-haves has you jumping out of bed? Spill in the comments below!