Our noses are sensitive little suckers. This can be really iffy when it comes to smelling cities (ahem, New York and San Francisco), or delightful with things like homemade home sprays. But did you know that your nose knows even more than just what’s pleasant and unpleasant? According to ESYM, a company that’s hoping to get funded on Kickstarter, smell can impact your state of mind and your emotions.

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The ESYM pod, a self-described “crafted-scent experience,” will help you unlock your sense of smell. Since our noses are closely tied to the parts of our brain that process experiences and emotions, it is important to use this sense to change your mood. ESYM aims to make sure that these recollections and feelings are positive ones, despite the fact that everyone’s connections differ in reference to scent.

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Through the sleek pods, scents are released that can help you do everything from calm down to recharge to awaken. The scents are made from a blend of essential oils and come in three varieties: Tenkawa Passage (cypress, parsley and coriander for alertness), Curacao Breeze (lime, orange, black currant and tangerine for rejuvenation), and Parisian Morning (coffee, vanilla, almond and elderflower for comfort). The pods release their delicious, soothing smells for up to three months at a time, and you can order a subscription on the site to make sure that you never run out of your particular scent. Bonus points: The product is paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free and phthalate-free.

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You can help fund this unique perspective on scent via Kickstarter. If funded, they’ll start production ASAP in order for a holiday delivery. Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer!

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