This past month, Brit + Co art directors, Kayla Haykin and Cassidy Miller, went to Aarhus, Denmark to attend a food styling and photography masterclass put on by Sif Orellana of Sisterhood Retreats. Orellana puts on travel-based workshops, learning retreats, and one-on-one mentoring programs for those who wish to take their storytelling, photography, cooking, food styling, personal leadership, creative business development, or writing to the next level. She is seriously a lady boss who loves to foster blossoming creatives and help them flourish. At the workshop, they learned some pro tips for taking amazing photos with a phone. Just because you don’t have a nice camera doesn’t mean you can’t take awesome pictures!

(All photos in this post were shot on iPhones).

Scroll on for our tips!

Tip #1: Turn off any additional light sources when you can. Ever wondered why every photo you snap in your home seems to take on a slightly yellow hue? Chances are that the lamps in your house are creating a warm tone in your photos. During the day, it’s best to turn off any additional light sources that may be in the room while you are shooting. This photo was taken inside with all light sources turned off, utilizing natural window light.

Tip #2: Take it outside or by a window. Let’s face it, some lighting circumstances are just out of your control, such as that fluorescent lighting in your office. In a setting like a workplace, your coworkers *probably* won’t appreciate you turning off all the lights for that perfect pic. Instead, try setting your beautiful lunch or treat by a window or on a table outside.

Tip #3: If someone will be standing behind/preparing food, ask them to wear white. Wearing all white will bounce the light off of your body and onto the food. Plus, it will keep the background of the photos airy and bright.

Tip #4: Use a white piece of paper, or even a napkin, to bounce light to fill the shadowy areas. You don’t need fancy equipment to uplevel your skills. A small piece of paper or a napkin can act as a fill card, which is a large piece of white foam core that photographers use to fill in the darker areas of their photo that need a little bit more light.

Tip #5: Shock wilting veggies and herbs back to life. Next time you notice your greens are past their prime, fully submerge them in an ice bath for a minute for crisp results. Ta-da!

Tip #6: Use lemon to keep fruit from browning. This tip works for fruits with lighter insides, like pears, apples, and bananas. Squeeze a fresh lemon over them to keep them looking vibrant and beautiful.

Tip #7: Always keep spray bottles handy. To make protein dishes (chicken, fish, etc.) look extra fresh, spray them with olive oil from your spray bottle. For sprucing up veggies and fruit, add water to separate bottle and give them a light mist.

Tip #8: Sprinkle garnishes from high up for even distribution. This creates a healthy distribution and is perfect for when you are looking to dress up a dish. Use this to style like a pro whenever you opt for herbs, sprinkles, shavings, and spices.

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