Yes. Faces made out of flowers are a thing. And they’re all part of a series called Face The Foliage. In our opinion, anything that makes you want to get up and create, do or make is something that inspires you, and these are beyond!

Justina created the Face The Foliage series when she posted one of her leaf portraits on Instagram with the hashtag #facesoffoliageandflowers. It has since been reduced to #facethefoliage, but when checking out either hashtag, you get a whole gallery filled with beautiful flower faces created by people all over the world.

Justina Blakeney is a super inspiring (and very influential) stylist, designer and boho blogger that believes in vintage, organic and handmade design. She’s a huge believer that “objects carry the stories of their makers” and that good design can save the world. After attending UCLA, moving to Italy for seven years and writing a DIY t-shirt book, Justina moved back to the states to start her inspiring design blog.

Aside from the fact that these portraits are seriously stunning, we love that it has contributors from across the globe. It proves once and for all that art is the universal language — there’s no language barrier when it comes to art! And just like humans, no two faces are the same. Check out some of our favorites:

Oh, hey Frida.

Have you contributed to the Face The Foliage series yet? Tweet us a pic, post one to Insta and show off your skillz!