As much as we adore all of our Facebook friends, their posts can get super annoying — especially when it comes to contentious topics or any subjects you’re just not interested in. The upcoming presidential election is a pretty good example of something lots of people are over — with everyone under the sun oversharing ridiculous gifs, political memes and strong personal opinions on the regular. While we agree that every #Girlboss should be knowledgeable about current events, the political takeover on Facebook can feel like WAY too much. Thankfully, we just found a brilliant new Chrome extension that can free your Facebook feed from ALL election chatter in seconds!


The Facebook Filter Feed works by stripping out info that you don’t want to see, as decided by keywords that YOU pick. Whether it’s one keyword, a few unrelated ones or tons of ‘em, it allows you to control the kinds of posts and statuses you actually care about seeing without having to unfriend or unfollow anyone. Talk about an awesome invention!


To put the smart tech to work, all you need to do is download the extension, click on the blue funnel icon in your address bar and add as many keywords as you like. Whether it’s politics, rabid sports fans, a TV show you’re totally over or a combination of the three (and more), you’ll be on your way to more interesting updates from the people you love. And because you can change your keywords anytime, you can always choose to bring back the banned posts whenever you like — or ban new ones that crop up with future viral news.

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