It’s already impossible to pretend you didn’t see a Facebook message because of “read receipt.” But now, you may also have to come up with an excuse for why you read an invitation and didn’t reply. (Cue the social media anxiety.) Facebook confirmed with The Daily Dot that it’s piloting the read receipt feature into events, which will allow hosts to see when guests have viewed an invite. So it looks like there’ll be no more of the whole, “Sorry I missed your ugly Christmas sweater party. I totally didn’t see the invite!”

Facebook on screen

According to The Daily Dot (h/t to Daniel Victor for discovering it), the confirmations will be visible on all platforms and are designed to give hosts a better idea of whom they need to contact and provide guests a better way to plan with their friends who were invited. The new feature reads: “Coordinate With Guests: How you can see who has viewed the invite, and easily message them to make plans.”

Facebook doesn’t offer a way to disable read receipt on Messenger or Groups, but several websites offer steps for taking the matter into your own hands. Time will tell if someone comes up with a similar solution for combatting the “seen by” event feature.

And in case you hadn’t heard, Facebook also announced this week that it’s adding the dislike button.

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(Photo via Peter Macdiarmid Staff/Getty)