Hunting for a job can be stressful: You have to do research, make sure your resume is Elle Woods-pristine and put together a so-on point interview outfit that Anna Wintour would hire you on the spot. While having the skills for the job you’re applying for is, well, of utmost importance, you wouldn’t think that your credentials would take a back seat over how your face looks. Seriously, this study is startling.

RealSelf, an online community about cosmetic treatments, conducted a blind survey of 400 men and women who regularly work in an environment that involves other employees (not just freelancing from the comfort of your own bed — we envy you). The group was asked to view 200 before-and-after photos of caucasian women ages 30-60 and rate them on what professional qualities they *look like* they might possess — think: competence, creativity and reliability. The catch? The before photos were taken before the ladies had any cosmetic work done, while the after photos were post-op and the women were fully healed — the 400 people viewing the photos were not aware of the procedures. Take a deep breath: here’s how things went down.

Women post plastic surgery had higher scores with every category when it came to competence in the work place. Women who had chin-work done were seen to be more motivated, trustworthy and friendly, while the women who had nose jobs were perceived to be more competent, motivated and creative.

Women who had Voluma, an injectable that gets rid of wrinkles gives dimension to your skin and cheeks, had the most dramatic difference in before and after scores across all categories. According to plastic surgeon, Dr. Ronald Shelton, who commented on the study on the RealSelf blog, these anti-aging treatments are becoming more and more popular among professional women. “More of my patients are stepping away from looking overfilled or trying to look too young and unnatural… they don’t want all their lines removed. They’ve earned them.” He continued, “Many find themselves in a youth-orientated industry and despite their excellent experience, knowledge and seniority, they’re concerned about being asked to leave eventually.”

All in all, it’s extremely disappointing to see that peers would judge their potential future co-workers based on looks alone, but even more so, that some women say they felt like their jobs could be threatened because of their natural appearances — that’s inexcusable pressure. We all have our insecurities, which may be harder to shake off after reading a study like this, but the bottom line is that your abilities are what should ultimately impress your interviewers. So, the next time you head into a job interview, own it — just like you own the accomplishments on your resume — and if you don’t get called back for a reason as low as this, you’re probably better off not sharing a cubicle with those jerks.

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(h/t Glamour + photos via RealSelf Trends)