This Bun Will Be Your New Fave Fall Hairstyle
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This Bun Will Be Your New Fave Fall Hairstyle

Looking to slay your braid game this fall? We have the ‘do for you. This upgraded bun will give you all the feels and help you achieve #hairgoals IRL in no time! This look is half everything: half up, half bun and half braid, but it serves up full drama and style. You can have fun and make this look your own, which we LOVE. Get ready to rock this updated messy bun to all your fall functions.


Start this look by grabbing a section of hair right at the crown of your head. Leave wispy hairs out and let them fall as they naturally would. This effect just adds to the flirtiness of the look.

Next, hack our trick for the easiest top knot ever! Form a downward loop with your sectioned hair using an elastic band as shown above.

Create your bun by wrapping loose strands of hair around the elastic band. This technique yields an effortless messy bun in seconds.

Pull the ends of your bun through the elastic. The end result is an organic top knot sans any hair pins.

This ‘do alone will slay, but we want a look that’ll bring out all the feels. Let’s cause some more commotion and put a braid in motion.


Grab a small chunk of hair to one side of the bun you just created. This will be your peek-a-boo braid.

Create a fishtail braid by weaving two strands of hair. We like braiding from underneath versus over top to make our braid really pop. Secure the braid with a clear elastic band.

You’re done! Sport this unique look and get ready for the compliments to flood in. You’re welcome ;)

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Hair by Maritza Buelvas

Modeling by Elizabeth Wheeland

Photography by Jennifer Coffey