Spiders? Been there. Pumpkins? Done that. How do you decorate a Halloween table without the cliche Halloween decor? We’re here to help. Put away the tattered foam skeleton, and let’s get spooky with these 10 table settings that are sure to give your guests a fright.

1. Bloodied Tablecloth: Vampire attack or zombie apocalypse? The theme is up to you, but this red splattered tablecloth is sure to finish off the look. (via Brit + Co)

2. Spooky Printables: With fonts mimicking what you’d find on gravestones, plus a few dying finger scratches for good measure, how can you resist putting a few well placed printables on your Halloween table? (via Celebrations at Home)

3. Drippy Candles: It’s almost impossible to create the right ambiance for a Halloween party without the candlelit meal. Makes you wonder what might be in the dark corners or under the table. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Mossy Runner: For an Edgar Allen Poe-approved affair, dress the table like you landed in a graveyard with a mossy table runner. You’ll probably have some wide-eyed guests at that table, which is what you’re going for anyway, right? (via Little Big Company)

5. A Winged Tablescape: While this is a children’s party, adding some black feathered friends to your table can add to the ghostly-ness. Does this remind anyone else of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

6. Vampire Pumpkins: Give your pumpkins a bite with a set of plastic vampire teeth. They would look nice sitting next to the red punch, don’t you think? (via Apartment Therapy)

7. Vampire Napkin Rings: Another use for those plastic vampire teeth! Use them to hold your napkins in place and then your guests can take all the selfies they want with them. (via 365 Days of Halloween)

8. Black Painted Pumpkins: Don’t just plunk pumpkins on the table. Paint them black for a more ominous look. (via Stylizimo)

9. Slithery Pitcher: Swap spiders for snakes and achieve a tablescape that will send shivers down their spines. Especially the guest dressed like Indiana Jones. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

10. Vintage Pumpkins: Vintage Jack O’ Lanterns can have some pretty creepy faces. Go antiquing and use it to your advantage. (via Oh My Creative)

How do you spook-ify your table for Halloween? We just have to know, so comment below!