The claim: Using fake eyelashes on your bottom lash line can open up your eyes and seriously enhance your eye makeup game. Most of us are focused on perfecting our upper eyelashes and forget about the impact those little guys on the bottom can have. While mascara is great, sometimes it can smudge and smear. But short of dyeing and perming your lashes, what’s a girl to do? That’s where this Beauty Mythbuster comes in.


You won’t want to stick a full set of falsies to your lower lash line, though — it’s best to trim them to your desired length. And keep in mind that the length will be pretty short! Because false lashes are so much denser than our natural lashes, even a short strip will make a big difference. If they’re too long, you’ll look insane. Trust.



I’m a fan of Ardell #154 lashes because they’re wispy and easy to apply. The key to trimming lashes so they still look natural — and aren’t cut to have a stick-straight line — is to trim them with the scissor blades pointing parallel to the lashes. Make sure you also trim the length of the lash strip if it’s longer than your bottom lash line (which it probably will be).



If the lash strips already have adhesive on them (like the Ardell ones I used for this tutorial), carefully place them on top of your bottom lashes and as close to your waterline as possible. There shouldn’t be any noticeable space between your fake and real lashes, so make sure you inch the strip up as close to your eyeball as possible. You can add a tiny bit of lash glue to the strip if you want extra holding power — just make sure it’s tacky and not totally wet before you put it on. If you want to add even more depth, you can add a bit of eyeliner too!



Yes — well, kinda. I loved how the falsies added an instant glam vibe to my eyes without any makeup, as you can see in the photo on the bottom. The top image just shows my bottom eyelashes with mascara on. I didn’t use any eyeliner at all. While I definitely dug the addition of fake lashes to my bottom lash line for a night out or a special occasion, the look was a little too dramatic for me on an average day. That said, whenever I’m after next-level lashes, I’ll turn to this beauty hack for sure.

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