Sometimes something so awesome happens that you want take a million photos at once just to make sure you snap the perfect one. Or maybe you’re as obsessed with making animated GIFs as we are? Then you’re definitely going to swoon as hard as we have over Fast Camera.

This new camera app makes it insanely easy to get that perfect shot. Simply fire up the app, adjust your settings as you see fit. You can include a countdown (perfect for when you want to set your phone up on a tripod and jump in the pic), limit the number of pictures it takes (it gets to 1000 pretty quickly!), specify the time between photos, and more.

Once you’ve taken a series of shots, head to the review screen. Delete photos you don’t want, and select ones you want to keep.

You can export all of the images to your camera roll, create a video, or export directly to Cinemagram where they’ll appear as an animated GIF. Awesome!

As you can see, this app is PERFECT for jumping photos on the rooftop!!

So far, we definitely think $1.99 is worth it for this app, currently only available for iPhone and iPad.

What fun subjects might you photograph using Fast Camera? Share ideas with us in the comments below.