It’s so easy to head to the store (err, Amazon Prime) and pick up a tie or new toolbox for Dad’s Day, but there’s no fun in that for the kiddos. Instead of letting them run wild at the mall to pick out a present this year, opt for a DIY Father’s Day gift he’ll love. TBH, it’s those handmade gifts that’ll really make dads swoon, and between the DIY mugs, wooden race cars and cards, he’ll be doing just that. Scroll on to find the best gifts for the littles ones to make this time around.


1. DIY Dinosaur Terrarium: Does Dad like to spend his Saturdays in the garden? Then this is the gift for him. Pick up the supplies to make a mini terrarium and add things like toy dinosaurs and flag notes to take it to the next level. (via Hello, Wonderful)


2. DIY Wooden Car: Show your kids how to DIY a set of wooden cars so they can race with their pops on Father’s Day. You’re just two pieces of plywood and eight wheels away from friendly Dad’s Day competition. (via Hello, Wonderful)


3. World’s Best Dad Cupcakes: This isn’t your average cupcake, peeps. While it might take a little extra adult supervision to make this one, Dad is going to be seriously impressed when the kids tell him they *made* these. Plus, he’d probably rather have a cupcake mug over a real mug any day… (via Brit + Co)


4. Rad Dad Cookies: When in doubt, food is *always* the right choice. Whip up a batch of sugar cookies and let the little ones decorate them with their favorite patterns and designs. Shhh, we won’t tell if you eat a few while you’re decorating. (via Tell Love and Party)


5. DIY Doodle Mug: If your pops is anything like ours, then he can’t start his day without a cup of joe. Grab a plain white mug from the craft store and use a permanent marker to customize it. Washi tape will do wonders to help you spell out a stencil word for a personalized “Dad” mug. When you’re done decorating it, bake it in the oven to cure your creation, and it’ll be ready to be wrapped up STAT. (via Michaels)


6. Chocolate Toolbox: You know what they say — the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Use this tutorial to help the kids DIY a toolbox of chocolates that Dad can munch on all day long. (via Brit + Co)


7. Printable Coloring Coffee Sleeves: Dads love their coffee almost as much as kids enjoy coloring. DL this printable coffee sleeve and break out the colored pencils so your munchkins can get their coloring on. (via Handmade Charlotte)


8. 3D Toolbox Card: Are you ready to blow Dad’s mind? Use this how-to to create a toolbox card out of a few sheets of paper and some glue. We can guarantee he’s never opened a card like this one before. (via Mr. Printables)


9. DIY Tie Napkin Rings: Ditch the traditional tie this Father’s Day and go for these tie napkin rings instead. Not only can the little ones get creative, they’re also helping set the dinner table too ;) (via Merriment Design)


10. DIY Father + Kiddo Journal: If you’re on the hunt for a DIY that will hit Dad in the feels, then look no further. Once your kiddo has painted the front of the journal, they can add this to their bedtime routine to get a little extra QT with Dad. (via Lil Blue Boo)


11. Dad Appreciation Printable: Nothing makes a dad’s heart melt like a sweet card. Print off this option and have your little ones fill it out with nice notes before Father’s Day. (via A Whole Lot of Tiny)


12. DIY Gift Box: After they’ve made their craft, the kids are going to need something to wrap them in. Grab a cardboard box, paint and tape to make this gift box that Pops will adore just as much as the gift inside. (via The Crafted Life)

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