We are always looking for an excuse to whip up guac and sip on margaritas, so we’re basically counting down the days until we can throw a fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. One of the best parts of a Cinco de Mayo theme is the amount of color involved, and did we mention all the fringe? We’re sharing the best fiesta decor out there, though be warned: It might make you want to throw a party immediately.


1. Piñata Your Party: Turn your food table into a fringe showcase with a few sheets of tissue paper. Transfix your friends with your DIY skills and make your party the best fiesta in town. (via Brit + Co)


2. Drink Decor: Have fun with your beverages by swapping drinks labels with a colorful printable. To add even more decor, make some mini flowers with tissue paper and add them on too. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)


3. Wall Decor: We can’t think of a better way to dress up a mirror than with some crepe flowers. Use construction paper to make these DIY projects and decorate your entire wall. (via Bespoke Bride)


4. Perforated Paper: No fiesta is complete without some perforated tissue paper. Hang them across the ceiling or put them anywhere that needs some cheerful color. (via Victor Sizemore Photography)


5. Flower Piñata: Skip the standard floral centerpieces for a flower-covered piñata. If we’re being honest, these look way too pretty to break! (via HGTV)


6. Bright chairs: The color theme of your fiesta should simply be ALL the colors. Take out your brightest chairs and feel free to mix and match. There are no color rules here. (via Society Social)


7. Table Decor: Succulents, small blooms and a few mini piñatas are all you need for a charming tablescape. (via 100 Layer Cake)


8. Backdrop: If you have an outside party, this tall backdrop is perfect for adding a whimsical theme to your fiesta. (via Ruffled)


9. Party Favors: Your soiree isn’t complete without a touch of candy. Don’t worry if you don’t have a favorite game yet; La Lotería is a good place to start. (via Snippet And Ink)


10. Fringe Photo Backdrop: Give your guests a chance to goof off and create some hilarious photo memories with a backdrop that resembles a piñata. (via Brit + Co)


11. Colorful Dishes: Here’s your excuse to buy those pretty plates you’ve always wanted. Get ready for your dishware to stand out and make everything else on your table look fiesta ready. (via Ruffled)


12. Party Entrance: This DIY sparkly entrance demonstrates how you can make any theme your own. A fiesta should be colorful, and we think glitter totally counts as a color.


13. Jumbo Papel Picado: Jumbo perforated paper makes for an easy and inexpensive outdoor decoration. Try hanging them around empty spaces, so every inch of your event is photo friendly. (via Camille Styles)


14. Trivet: Trivets can finally have their day in the sun with this sweet and festive table set. When it comes to decorating, let your creative thinking do all the work. (via Chelsea Scanlan)

How are you planning to decorate your fiesta? Tell us in the comments below.