If you’re like us, you have TaskRabbit to thank for the smooth running of your life. From delivering last-minute I-forgot-it-was-our-anniversary roses to helping you fold storks for the baby mobile that you over ambitiously committed to making for your friend’s coming bundle of joy, those little rabbits have been a relationship saver for us. But they’re not the only gig in town. Fiverr is another ally in making our lives a snap by hooking us up with handy men and women willing to help, for a sum as low as five bucks.

Over the last couple years, the site has shown what people will do for five bucks: They’ll help design your website, do a voiceover for your event or even help you figure out how to get more people to your FB page. (Yeah, we’d drop a Lincoln on all of those things.) Their service categories span everything from graphic design and online marketing to writing, animation and programming and our favorite: “Fun + Bizarre.”

Tasks start at $5 and go up to $500 (Freelancers everywhere, start jumping for joy!), but it’s a much larger chunk o’ change that Fiverr has been making news about this week. Besserman Venture Partners is willing to drop more than $5 or even $500 on the helpful site; they just gave them $30 million in funding. Now that‘s a lotta Lincolns.

And a lot of promise for the growing gig economy. With sites and apps letting you hitch a ride with one tap, outsource your grocery shopping in a pinch and call up all kinds of designers on demand, careers and businesses seem to be the next big thing in DIY-ing.

What would you pay someone $5 to do? Let us know in the comments below!