Perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of decorating your home is picking things that will accent what you already own. There are lots of options out there to help you navigate these rough waters, but following awesome Instagram feeds can oftentimes be more frustrating than inspiring. Basically, color theory is hard, y’all. Who even knows what matches, really? Who’s to say you’re not walking around with undiagnosed colorblindness? Hey, it happened in Little Miss Sunshine.

Guildery eliminates the guesswork by enlisting interior designers to create color palettes for you. They offer several digitally printed collections of pillows, drapery, lampshades and ottomans and will be adding more products to their site soon. The collections are organized by complementing colors, so you can figure out what shades will best complete your room. There are 40,000 different furnishings to choose from.

All you have to do is pick a collection and from there, mix and match your prints — knowing that no matter how you mix it, it will always match. Guildery uses an online editor similar to a Polyvore board, so you can see all your design picks laid out in one clean space. What’s interesting is that the site doesn’t keep fabrics in stock; rather, it prints your picks after you’ve already made the purchase, so there’s no stress about making a quick buying decision lest something sells out. Eventually, they plan to add a feature that allows you to upload pictures of products from other sites so you can decorate around your new furniture; similarly, you’ll be able to upload photos of things you already own.

Basically, this site just makes it incredibly easy to design the home of your dreams. The hard part now is settling on a color palette.

If you were to redecorate one room in your house with Guildery, which would it be?

(Images via TechCrunch)