After a breathtaking hike, we know what you want: to sit back and enjoy a nice, cold brewski (or juice for the kiddies). But who has the arms to carry such a load on a hike? No one鈥 until now. We鈥檝e found the must-have solution for summer 鈥 the Picnic Time Fusion Folding Chair! It holds everything you need for an outdoor extravaganza.

The backpack-turned-chair can carry up to 350 pounds and features a fold-out side table with expandable shelves that can hold your books, tablet, camera and (most importantly) drinks, as well as a detachable insulated cooler and armrest. Plus, two built-in fabric loops on the back can hold an umbrella or sports banner so the carrier is ready for any and every situation. (Read: You鈥檒l be the envy of your next tailgating party.)

Now that you鈥檙e fully invested, there鈥檚 not a warm weather activity you wouldn鈥檛 want to bring it on. Order your own on Amazon for $133. And buy the umbrella to protect yourself from summer鈥檚 hot rays. The only words you鈥檒l hear us saying for the rest of the summer are 鈥渂eer me, backpack.鈥

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