Instagram has been our social media bestie for more than four years now, allowing us to capture vacations, dinner dates, random selfies, music fests and so much more. From emoji hashtags to gorgeous collage creations, the photo sharing platform has already provided us with endless ways to express our creativity, and now the company is offering up another: musical exploration — “from those who create it to the community around it.” It’s time to dance to the beat of Instagram’s drum with a new account that is more audio than visual.


Introduced Wednesday, @music is an account directly from Instagram dedicated to “capturing and sharing the world’s musical moments.” This feed will take a look at the global music experience in two ways. First, the profile will be a spot to showcase musical talent, whether that’s showing a different side of well-known acts or introducing followers to up-and-coming artists worldwide. The tuned-up account will also highlight the music community as a whole by spotlighting various music photographers, album illustrators, fans and even instrument makers. Essentially, this is Instagram’s MTV (well, at least the ’80s + ’90s version of MTV).


Currently @music solely features images, but we’re hoping as it develops Insta vids will be incorporated as well. Because what’s music without sound and what’s @music without a little BTS video of Taylor Swift’s upcoming tour or a 15-second live feed from June’s Governor’s Ball?? Useless, that’s what ;)


While we don’t want the account to turn into an excuse for concertgoers to pull out their phones/tablets even more at live events, Instagram’s music-themed extension of its weekend hashtag projects does have us excited for all the talented community content that’s sure to come. Now press play — err, follow — on @music’s profile and get ready to jam.

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(Photos via @music)