It tastes good, it looks good and your guests will not be able to shut up about it. Yep, we’re talking about food bars! One of our favorite party and wedding trends has been the rise of the [insert any food] bar, a gorgeously-styled buffet station for guests to get crazy and DIY their way to EAT-ing bliss. Grab a plate and get ready to run down these 12 bars, from grits to grilled cheese to fast food treats.

1. In-N-Out Burger Bar: We know there are plenty more things left to discuss, but how the heck are we supposed to top this oh-so-Californian burger bar? We’re speechless. (via The Seaside Baker)

2. Trail Mix Bar: This campground-inspired DIY station lets guests mix up their own snack, so you can bet that absolutely no one is going to touch the raisins. (via Allyson Wiley)

3. Beef Jerky Bar: Because, Minnesota. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

4. Waffle Bar: Brunch is truly the best meal for food bars. Omelet stations, Bloody Mary bars and, of course, the waffle bar! You can even let folks iron their own waffles and infuse their batter with berries, citrus zest or chocolate chips. (via One Sweet Appetite)

5. Caramel Apple Bar: Spring hasn’t even hit and we’re already excited for fall, if only to set up this caramel apple buffet in our backyard next to the s’mores station. (via The Cupcake Bar)

6. Spud Bar: Wedges, fries, skins, tots, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes and all the dipping sauces and toppings you could ever wish to load onto them. SHUT UP. (via Inspired Bride)

7. Spiked Snow Cone Station: Mix up syrups like mojito, margarita and cosmo — then just add ice! Oh, and you could make it kid-friendly if you wanted to… but do you really want to? (via San Diego Ville)

8. Pretzel Bar: This soft pretzel smorgasbord is what’s up for game day, Oktoberfest or any old day. (via Pillsbury)

9. Popcorn Bar: Whether it be for a wedding or the premiere of Orange is the New Black, this popcorn bar is super easy to put together and totally adorbs. (via Pen & Paper Flowers)

10. Grits Bar: It’s like a mashed potato bar with a southern accent, and the best thing to throw down for Sunday brunch and BBQs. (via Southern Weddings)

11. Grilled Cheese Bar: Sometimes the simplest of sandwiches can be simply perfect, especially in the hands of an awesome professional stylist. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Donut Hole Bar: When making a food bar of any kind, ramekins are your saving grace. Donut holes are kind of your saving grace as well. We mean, does anyone not like fried balls of dough covered in frosting and sprinkles? We think not. (via Brit + Co.)

Have another unique food bar idea? Let us know in the comments!