These Foodie Manicures Will Give You the Munchies
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These Foodie Manicures Will Give You the Munchies

Once you’ve mastered the bracelet nail and mermaid nail trends, you’ll surely be craving another summer mani fad. That’s where foodie nails, which have been circling the Insta-verse for a while now, come in. Whether you’re a health food devotee or junk food lover, decking your nails out in your favorite warm-weather treat is the nail art craze du jour. From mini bananas to colorful sushi, we found some of the tastiest manis to replicate this summer season. Scroll on for a buffet of deliciousness you can’t ignore.

1. Avocado: If you’re a guac enthusiast and you can’t get enough avocado toast, this minimal mani belongs on your digits ASAP. Mix in a delicate detail on your pinky or ring finger for an extra bit of flair.

2. Cupcakes: What better way to satisfy your sweet tooth than covering your nails with Kawaii-themed cupcakes? Bling out your digits with glitter nail polish and cute fruit-themed gems to add that extra wow factor your digits deserve.

3. Sushi: Take your sushi obsession to the next level by drawing mini versions of your fave food on your nails. Accent your mani with a bold, bright color to let your foodie designs really pop.

4. Summer Fruit: Let’s be real: Summertime fruit is the best fruit. Decorate each nail with a slice of sweet produce for your next picnic adventure.

5. Watermelon: Pay homage to your favorite summer treat with a watermelon-themed mani. Pair the look with pink polish to keep it looking girly, or switch it up with an unexpected hue.

6. Bananas: This mani is bananas — B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Use a small brush to fine-tune the details on this tropical design.

7. Strawberry Fields: Bring your nail art to life with this refreshingly fruity design. Swap in the berry of your choice for a personalized ode to summer fruit deliciousness.

8. Eggs: Don’t these digits look eggcellent? Use a cool hue for the background so the quirky design really stands out.

9. Donuts: We donut know about you, but we think this mani looks good enough to eat. Kick it up a notch with a sprinkle accent nail for an extra festive look.

10. Junk Food: Even if you’re doing a summer cleanse, these junk food-inspired nails are too good to pass up. Paint all your fave foods on each of your digits for the ultimate buffet right at your fingertips.

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