Pizza parties just got real, guys. Authentic wood-fired pizza is coming to a backyard near you. If you only ask Santa for one toy this Christmas-in-July (everybody celebrates that, right?), make it this luxurious Forno Ciao backyard pizza oven. Vaguely resembling Rosie from The Jetsons, this futuristic Old World oven will make you a pizza (just like Rosie would) and look good doing it (just like Rosie would).

Made in Italy by Alfa Pizza, this new, compact fire box takes up about as much room as a typical BBQ grill, but can reach crazy-hot temperatures in just 10 minutes. In case you decide to invite us over (you better!), the Italian brick hearth will handle a crowd, churning out up to 30 pizzas every hour if need be. That means you could make every pizza on this list twice… in less than 90 minutes!

Pizza isn’t the only thing you can cook in this bad boy. Anything you can make in a regular conventional oven is fair game, so you can roast chickens, whip up a batch of cookies, bake rustic breads and fire up so much more.

The oven is lightweight and comes on wheels, so your friends will be uber-impressed when you show up with Neapolitan pizzas for the next tailgate or beach cook-out. (Whoa, did hot dogs and potato salad just become obselete??) Or if you prefer to keep this magical machine close to home, you can actually set it up countertop-style on a barbecue island or in your outdoor kitchen rather than on the cart.

And now, a very dramatic video about this very important (oops, and, we should mention, very expensive) product.

What would you cook first in this thing? Let us know in the comments!