I鈥檇 like to think our forefathers fought for the freedom to toss confetti into the air without being publicly tarred and feathered. This is also why I鈥檓 not a history teacher. Friends that know me best know that, while I have an aversion to most things colorful and shiny, I can鈥檛 resist a good confetti mix. Like a cat to a laser beam, my eye catches that glint of glitter and it鈥檚 all over. So I鈥檝e decided to channel my passion into showing you how to make some DIY confetti poppers for your Fourth of July shindig. If you鈥檝e been saving that confetti from New Year鈥檚, this project is perfect for you ;)


These poppers are so easy to make and your guests will love setting them off.

Materials and Tools:

鈥 origami paper

鈥斅燼ssorted glitter

鈥斅燾ake push pops



鈥斅爌ermanent markers


Grab your materials and聽let鈥檚 get it poppin鈥!


To create an ombre look,聽spray the very tip of the push pop and drag your hand to the left and聽away from the surface of the pop. Repeat this step, rotating the push pop until you鈥檝e聽hit all sides. Allow the spray paint to dry for at least one hour before handling.


We used a gold paint pen to write a fun Fourth of July message. Make sure you allow the paint to dry completely before handling.


Trim the origami paper into half inch pieces. We used a mix of metallics and prints to create some enviable confetti.


Fill the push pops with confetti, alternating聽to create a layered look, or throw it all in and shake it up!


Leave these poppers as is or dress them up with festive ribbon.


Place these on your Fourth of July snack spread for your guests to pick up and set off at their leisure, or place them inside adult goodie bags to pop alongside Champagne when day turns to night!


Fun fact: Even the most somber adults find delight in throwing confetti. 100% true statement.


PSA: You鈥檙e bound to get confetti everywhere.聽炉\_(銉)_/炉


We think the world is a better place covered in glitter anyway. Happy Independence Day!

What other glitter-fied projects聽are you working on? Show us by tagging us on聽Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!


Production and Styling: Marianne Koo

Photography: Brittany Griffin