When the weather heats up, the only thing we want to do is cool down, right? Well, that and gorge on some delicious snacks (by a perfectly chilled pool). Forget the hot BBQs and ditch the grill, because this summer calls for a chilly, frozen spin on some tried-and-true snack staples.


You probably reach for the usual summer suspects to cool off — we’re looking at you, ice cream, popsicles and/or adult slushies — but these 10 snacks actually taste better after you throw ‘em in the freezer and let them chill. There are SO many munchables that are super simple to totally change based on the temp.

Plus, who wants to eat ice cream all summer anyway? Don’t answer that.

1. Chocolate pudding: Remember those little individually wrapped pudding cups you would eat during lunch in elementary school? They’re better than ever after you pop them in the freezer for 2-3 hours. It’s really like you’re having a decadent dessert!

2. Iceberg lettuce wedges: Umm, calling all wedge salad enthusiasts (hi). There’s something about a cold, crisp salad that can be so satisfying during those hot summer months. This frozen version is so simple and really elevates the taste of the wedge salad. Just add the iceberg wedges to the freezer for a few hours, take them out, add your favorite toppings and dip in blue cheese dressing. YUM!


3. Chocolate chip cookies: Frozen chocolate chip cookies are an absolute game-changer. Don’t believe us? Put a batch in the freezer for several hours and then devour the chilly goodness that is a frozen chocolate chip cookie. Bonus: Have a sleeve of Thin Mints left over? Add those to the mix and you’ll be, like, whoa.

4. Raspberries: Summer is synonymous with yummy, in-season fruit, and raspberries epitomize that. Throw some raspberries in the freezer, then sprinkle some sugar on before you eat. This is a serious treat!

5. Grapes: Frozen grapes can also be used to chill white wine! This one is pretty simple; toss some grapes into the freezer, pour yourself some vino and add the grapes. Then eat the frozen grapes, too!

6. Gummy bears: Gummy bears take on a whole new texture — it’s more of a solid — after they’re frozen. This is basically childhood snack heaven.


7. Avocado: We know what you’re thinking — frozen avocado, say whaaa? Listen up, because things just got real with one of the most buzzed-about foods ever. Slice an avocado and freeze it for about four hours. Then, sprinkle with seasonings you love, like chili lime powder, salt + pepper or a pinch of garlic salt. So refreshing and delish.

8. Applesauce: Please tell me one person who wouldn’t be interested in indulging in a slightly-slushy apple sauce? Still waiting. You can freeze individual applesauce cups or use an ice cube tray.

9. Yogurt: There are endless possibilities with yogurt + your freezer. You can make frozen yogurt dots — fast — by using a yogurt-filled pastry bag. Simply squeeze out little dots onto a cookie sheet and pop it in the freezer for a healthy treat.

10. Canned Fruit: We know you’re probably wondering why canned fruit made this list, but it’s an overlooked snack that deserves some attention. A can of peaches in the freezer takes on a whole new taste and consistency after being frozen.

Which of these snacks are you drooling over? Share in the comments below.