Planning ahead always pays off, especially when it comes time for lunch. Eating your mid-day meal without migrating to the corner deli every day can save you money and time. Not to mention the fact that it’s wayyy healthier. These 18 awesome products will take your office lunch above and beyond worn out take-out and sad, soggy sandwiches. With a meal so good-looking (and good-tasting), that daily $15 lunch outing will quickly become a thing of the past! You can thank us later.

1. LunchBots Dips Condiment Containers ($21 per set of three): Sometimes you just need some extra space for guacamole.

2. LunchSkins ($8 and up): Buh-bye, Ziploc bags, we’re going with reusables now! These pouches will save you so much money and the hassle of zipping or sliding.

3. Sigg Aluminum Lunch Box ($36): Here’s a grown-up take on the classic metal lunch box, complete with two clasps to keep all the good stuff from falling out.

4. Yo 2 Go ($13): You can pair your yogurt with granola, fruit or honey all in one container! Very clever, indeed.

5. 3-Tier Pyramid Tiffin ($24): This is an age-old classic in India for a reason: It allows for separated layers of food in a lovely little package. We’re obsessed.

6. Din-Ink ($10): Chewing your pen top is not such a bad thing!

7. Canning Jar Lunchbox Adaptors ($9): Take those leftover mason jars and upgrade them with this crafty lid! Oreos and milk, salad and dressing, veggies and dip… the possibilities are endless.

8. Light My Fire Spork ($3): The spork just got a makeover, and a knife came long for the ride. Who can say no to a three-in-one utensil? Not us!

9. Yogurt Flip N’ Pour ($15): Its name may imply that it’s for yogurt use, but this nifty bowl could be used for any lunchtime pairing.

10. Ojue Lunch Box ($45): The layered lunch box is always a good idea, and this design is so genius that we want one in every color.

11. Bento Box ($20): This guy’s a break room staple for a reason: It’s practical, cute and all-inclusive.

12. Round Nesting Trio Containers ($23): Tupperware is always useful when it comes to packing a lunch. This colorful set of three stores easily and seals airtight.

13. Lunch Pot ($24): Stack up your lunch into one cylindrical container with these adorable lunch pots. These are especially great for picky eaters who don’t like their food to touch (you know who you are!).

14. Round Enamel Lunch Box ($47): This elegant lunch box deserves its own shelf in the work fridge. Just make sure to label it so that nobody snags it for themselves!

15. LunchBots Insulated Thermal Container ($30): Whether you’re trying to keep your food hot or cold, this Thermos substitute will keep your food at just the right temperature.

16. Oh Joy! Tiffin ($18): Okay… it’s another tiffin — but we did say we’re obsessed! This colorful, plastic version of the tiffin is so playful, you’ll want to pack your own lunch.

17. Thermo Pot ($42): This will keep your favorite hot lunches steaming for six hours, not to mention the sleek and sophisticated design.

18. Anti-Theft Lunch Bag ($8): Deter lunch theft with faux mold! Gross? Yes... but that’s kind of the point.

How do you upgrade your work lunch? Let us know below!