As a smart and savvy shopper, we know you’re probably not into the idea of checking your bag for $25 each way and waiting at a crowded baggage claim after your flight. But the alternative — rolling a heavy carry-on through the airport and attempting to cram it into the tiny overhead bin — is no solution either. Enter the G-RO bag from Shalgi Design Studio, which promises to solve all those pesky travel problems.

G-Ro Bag 2

As the team explains, the wheels (two wheels, not four) were designed with ergonomics in mind. The wheels pull the center of gravity closer to the rotation axis, which makes the bag feel lighter. And even though the wheels are big, they don’t take up additional space inside the bag. Plus they roll over pretty much anything.

G-Ro bag

The inside of the carry-on was designed for your traveling ease, with nifty pockets for everything from your laptop to your liquids. You’ll breeze through security with it, so you can grab a quick drink or snack before your flight.


Here’s our favorite part: The bag has an optional electronics survival kit, which includes a proximity detector, location tracker, two USB ports, an international power outlet for your laptop and a battery strong enough to charge your smartphone up to 10 times. If you like what you see, hurry to Kickstarter to support Shalgi Design Studio’s carry-on bag. A pledge of $280 can nab you this bag. We already feel more relaxed about our future travels just thinking about this new luggage.

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(Photos via G-RO Kickstarter)