Cue up The Final Countdown and let’s get ready to rumble! It’s the week before many of us take off for holiday break, and it’s time to get all those last minute prezzies ordered, wrapped, and under your tree! Of course, we know the geeky good stuff is always in your stockings, so we’re here to give you 15 more ideas for channeling your inner 8-Bit Santa.

1. 8-Bit Sunglasses ($6): First up, 8-Bit sunnies! These will definitely make those Christmas morning photos way cooler. Plus, if the recipient is really obsessed with sunglasses, you can pair this with a subscription to Stunner of the Month, a monthly sunglasses subscription service.

2. I Sync Temporary Tattoo ($5): Wear your modern day Descartes right on your sleeve, er, arm? This is a fun cheeky tattoo for folks who are always refreshing their phones.

3. Roller Notes Sticky Roll ($8): This is like a post-it note on steroids, and we’re into it. Cut any length, and write all those pesky to-dos right on your desk.

4. Snack Cap Lens Caps ($15 each): For shutterbugs with a sense of humor, gift ’em a donut or hamburger lens cap. We can only hope that a pizza option will be available next year.

5. iPhone Colorful Feet Stand ($13): Wait, what? Yes, these are FEET for your iPhone. As silly as they are, they’d make the whole self-timer iPhone thing way easier.

6. Phone-O-Chrome Gradient Filter ($15): Got a friend who fancies herself a phoneography pro? Turn their skills up a notch by giving them this fun chromatic filter.

7. Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set ($5): Pair your cup of of joe with a little nerdy Windows humor.

8. Cordies Cable Organizers ($10): Yes, it might be extremely geeky to give your friends and family a way to organize their cords, but they will definitely use it and commend you for knowing such a product even exists.

9. Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug ($12): This sweet little mug changes colors based on the heat in your cup, and no one wants a cold black heart so keep that coffee comin’!

10. Lens Bracelets ($15): We’ve featured these before but they’re such a favorite that here they are again! True photography addicts will definitely appreciate a set of these.

11. Calculator Notepad ($6): Take notes on a calculator notepad because… why not?

12. USB Cooler & Warmer ($15): Keep a can of something you like always at the ready — may we suggest the classy champagne of beers, Miller High Life? ;)

13. USB Car Charger ($14): Another one that is on the more useful front, I personally would LOVE to get one of these in my stocking, especially for holiday travel.

14. Tattone Temporary Tattoo ($5): Turn your skin into a Pantone swatch! Related: Behind the scenes of making our Pantone Advent Calendar.

15. World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies, Set of 2 ($15): And finally, a gift that will definitely get used among brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends over the holidays. In fact, we might need to get a few of these in rotation at Brit HQ.

Where are your favorite places to shop online for last minute Christmas gifts? Talk to us in the comments below.