Gettin’ hitched this year? Or shopping for a couple of friends who are getting married in the near future? Well, we’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to whip up a list just for you. When it comes to wedding gifts and registries, we’re all about a mix of old school and new school. We’ve all got those odds and ends still kicking around from our very first apartment (We’re looking at you, non-stick pan that is barely non-stick anymore), and your wedding registry is a great time for an update.

Here are 20 must-have registry items for 2015 weddings.

1. Calphalon 5-Quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven ($100): Every home needs a dutch oven — mostly because you can use it to make pretty much anything. I’ve personally used mine to make chili, a veggie pot pie, mac and cheese and even bread.

2. Threshold Acacia 8-Bottle Wine Rack ($35): If you’re hosting lots of dinner parties, you’ve gotta keep wine of all varieties on hand. This handsome wine rack will look good in any nook.

3. Coleman Multi-Purpose LED Lantern ($40): Though we’re all about star-gazing when on an outdoor adventure, use this lantern to set up your campsite if you get there after dark, and to light the way as you cook up a fireside feast. This lantern runs for 83 hours on its highest setting, meaning you’ve got a lot of light from just one set of batteries.

4. Stoneware Coffee Mugs, Set of 4 ($16): Available in mint, orange, black and white, these beauties will make getting up in the morning much more beautiful.

5. Crosley Cruiser Turntable ($80): Your parents have finally agreed to bestow their LP collection from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s to you, but their turntable doesn’t quite pump the jams like it used to. Register for this vintage-inspired portable turntable to give those LPs the love and attention they deserve.

6. STŌK Gridiron Portable Gas Grill ($128): The ideal grill for on-the-go bbqs, this is a great option for camping, tailgating or picnicking in the park. The grill is collapsible, so fits easily into any car.

7. Ninja Professional Blender with Ninja Cups ($140): This powerhouse is about to make all your smoothie (and milkshake) dreams come true.

8. Coupe 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, White ($60): You can’t go wrong with a solid set of white dinnerware. Personalize it by mixing and matching with vintage pieces, colorful accents and patterned placemats.

9. 10-Piece Black Nonstick Cookware Set ($150): Remember what we said about that old non-stick pan that is barely non-stick anymore? Time to level up.

10. Waterproof Camera ($350): Forget the disposable drug store underwater cameras — this fully equipped pocket-size camera goes underwater, and does everything the best point-and-shoot camera can do. It captures video, connects over WiFi and takes gorgeous vibrant photos. I personally have this camera and have used it in hail, pouring rain and snorkeling in the ocean — it’s a great camera for folks who like things on the wild side ;)

11. Acacia Wood Cake Stand ($30): A beautiful cake stand can elevate the look of an entire meal by simply…elevating it. Use it for cake or for a fancy cheese plate, savory tart or a bunch of mini desserts.

12. Enamel Cast Iron Grill Pan and Press ($100): This grill press is great for the kitchen, the grill and for a camping trip. It’s super durable and looks pretty darn good too.

13. Beats by Dre Headphones ($170): Couples who rock out together most definitely stay together, even if their tunes of choice differ. We love the idea of registering for two pairs of these luxe headphones — they are definitely a splurge! Plus, just look at all those color options… ;)

14. Herringbone Bath Towels ($10 and up): Another area in need of an upgrade in many of our apartments is the bathroom. Towels are a solid place to start — though they can seem like a boring and overly traditional registry option, a matching set of fluffy towels can help you start your day off right.

15. Acacia Fan Shape Wood Board ($30): Wood serving boards are one of those things you can’t have too many of. They instantly give your dining table or kitchen table a warm, rustic vibe and can be used to serve pretty much anything that doesn’t involve a sauce. Pizza? Oh yes. Cheese and fruit? Done and done. And pretty much any appetizer you like — wood boards make a great alternative to the traditional serving tray.

16. Baking Stone Pizza Making Set ($29): Pizza parties are STILL the best thing ever, and making your own pizza takes that concept to a whole new totally grown-up level. Invite friends over for a pizza potluck and ask them to bring their favorite toppings and maybe even cocktail, beer or wine pairings.

17. Safavieh Bar Cart ($300): You know we’ve got a thing for bar carts. This gorgeous option is just begging for you to throw a cocktail party ASAP. We love the clean gold lines and mirrored surfaces on the top and bottom. It looks timeless, and can easily become a piece you pass down through generations.

18. King Size Sweater Blanket ($40): Want to wrap your entire bed in a cozy knit sweater? Duh, who doesn’t, especially in the winter…

19. Brother International Sewing Machine ($150): If you love making things or want to learn to sew, this sewing machine is here to help you. It’s a favorite here at Brit HQ thanks to all the amazing stitches digitally programmed right into it. To take your thank-you notes to the next level, you could even stitch something for the wedding guest that gifts you this great sewing machine.

20. Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker ($130): Finally, we recommend registering for a pair of Fitbit activity trackers. It’s fun to keep track of sleep, exercise and more together, and this one boasts a simple LED screen that shows you the time, your steps and more.

What’s on your registry?

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.