When it comes to decor pieces, we’re all about the most multi-functional pieces around. Enter the bar cart, a luxury item that is actually way more versatile than you might think. Whether you love happy hour at all hours or need a more mobile DIY zone, any multi-level table on wheels is a pretty good bet. We’ve teamed up with Target Wedding Registry to show you a bunch of different ways to use this Threshold Bar Cart ($129).

Since wedding season is officially upon us, we can’t help but point out that this would make the perfect wedding gift, especially if paired with a few of the items listed below. And if you yourself are getting married soon, a stylish bar cart is also a must for your registry list!

Today, we’ll show you how to use it as a mobile bar for your home (or office?!), change it over into an all-things-gift-wrap station for the holidays or turn it into a photo book station for a wedding or birthday party. Now let’s get carted! (Yep, we just changed “started” into “carted.” You know you love it.)

Cheers to The Ultimate On-the-Go Happy Hour

So, the obvious use for a bar cart is… to use it as a bar ;) Here are a few things you need to make your mixology on the go.

Stainless Steel Bar Set ($14): To get things really shaking, you’re going to need to a shaker! And a jigger, a bottle opener, a mixer and a muddler.

Threshold Flasks ($8): We love the idea of having a cocktail hour that includes cocktails to go, in these extremely awesome gold and silver flasks.

Metallic Rim Highball ($28 for 4): We love these glasses so much that we use them for just about any occasion. They have a vintage vibe that is totally on point.

Metallic Rim Champagne Glasses ($24 for 4): Same deal here, in the form of a flute.

Round Wood Cutting Board ($10): When you’re working with a small space like a bar cart, it’s smart to get a cutting board that can easily hang off a hook on the edge if need be.

Hammered Metal Wine Bottle Holder ($25): Though we love our wine, in this case we used this wine bottle holder to hold limes and lemons. It’s cocktail o’clock!

Dip Bowls ($16 for 8): For all those mix-ins like mint, basil, lemons and limes, grab these adorable dip bowls and you’ll be good to go. You can even use these for muddling if you’re running low on shakers.

Now that is a good looking bar, don’t you think? Is it 5 yet…?

Say Cheese: DIY Photo Book Guestbook Station

Next up, we’ve got a portable photo guestbook station fit for a wedding, birthday party or launch party. You know we can’t resist a photo booth, even when it’s on the move.

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera ($70): Make your guestbook more interactive by having friends and family take selfies, then have them tape them into your book. Notes are totally optional :)

Polaroid Film ($22 for 2 packs of 10): And you’ll clearly need TONS of film…

Washi Tape: Washi tape will help add a little personality to things like a book stand, to the pages in the book and even to the edges of your bar cart if you like.

Silly Mustache Stickers ($4): Mustaches are oddly on trend and we’re into it.

Digital Photo Frame ($60): Keep a rotating digital photo album on hand to inspire silly poses and faces.

Pens + Markers: To write fun captions and words of advice.

Acacia Book Holder ($15): This cookbook holder does double duty as a stand for your guestbook.

Lots of Silly Props: The more funny sunglasses, the merrier.

Scrapbook or Photo Album: Oh yeah, and a book to put it all in!

Now if only we had an endless supply of film ;)

All Wrapped Up: Handy Dandy Gift Wrap Station

For the holidays or any time of year, it’s great to have all your gift wrap essentials in one place.

Colorful Wrapping Paper ($4): Head to Target to stock up on colorful patterned wrapping paper to your heart’s content! They have a particularly awesome holiday collection once November rolls around.

Transparent Tape ($13 for 6): A gift wrap must.

Scissors: Also kind of a given ;)

Pens + Markers: If you’re using plain wrapping paper, be sure to punch it up with a little color by way of markers!

Tissue Paper, Gift Bags, Gift Tags: All of these are essential for wrapping up those treasured gifts.

Assorted Ribbon ($15): And finally, ribbon to tie it all up.

Everyone loves a handwritten birthday card or gift tag!

Do you have a bar cart? Is one on your wish list? Talk to us in the comments below.

This post is a collaboration with Target Wedding Registry.