It’s officially the holiday season. Woot! But do you know what that means? It’s time to get your shopping on to find the *best* gifts out there. If you’re sick of your matching PJs fallback option and stuck on gifts you can get for the family, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 13 presents that are perfect to play with all day on Christmas.


1. Coaster Weaving Loom Kit ($60): Sit by the fire and weave your way to the cutest coasters ever. Not only will they make for beautiful decor at your pad, but they’re also uber fun to make.


2. Geek Battle ($20): Got a family of geeks? Gift this game to see who’s the geekiest of them all.


3. Snack Puzzle Cube ($10): Donuts, pizza and jelly beans take the Rubik’s Cube to a whole new level. Master it on Christmas day and trust us, you won’t be bored.


4. Pattern Play ($10): You’re probably well aware of our obsession with coloring books by now, but have you heard that we launched our very own? Snag it in the B+C Shop or at Target and get ready to have the most colorful Christmas ever.


5. Guesstures ($15): If you’re an avid Ellen watcher, then you definitely know of this next-level charades game. At only $15, this game is a whole lot of fun at a seriously budget-friendly price.


6. The Crazy Cat Lady Game ($26): We all have at least one cat lady in the fam. Gift this game to them, because as it says, collecting a herd of feral felines *is* a good thing.


7. Catch Phrase ($20): Catch Phrase is an oldie but a goodie. This edition features phrases from the ’70s all the way to the ’10s. Spoiler alert: The best category is obviously the ’90s.


8. Vegetable Garden Puzzle ($30): There’s nothing like having a lazy day on the couch and piecing together a puzzle. Pick this one up for the girly girl in your family.


9. Scrabble Twist ($20): Playing Scrabble on the board is *so* 2014. The object of this version is to find a word and twist the unit to score. Score as many points as possible in 60 seconds and see who’s the best Scrabbler in the fam.


10. Smartphone Projector ($28): If you have a family of techies, then this gift is for you. Project your favorite pics and vids from your phone with this smartphone projector.


11. The Design Deck ($20): Stuck on what to get that one person in the family who *literally* has everything? Opt for a unique deck of cards like this one. You can never have too many.


12. Selfie Kit ($20): Nothing screams 2015 like a selfie kit. This one comes with not only a selfie stick, but also photo booth props to make your Christmas pictures epic.


13. Cards Against Humanity Design Pack ($10): Bored of your old deck of Cards Against Humanity? This design pack is the perfect stocking stuffer that you can play with on Christmas Day.

Are you gifting any games for Christmas? Chat with us in the comments below.