We鈥檙e all about ladies supporting ladies. Whether that means spending our money at women-led businesses or nurturing your own friendships, supporting our fellow lady is one of the best ways to smash the patriarchy while maintaining warm fuzzy feelings. And when it comes to being a #girlboss, there鈥檚 no better way to climb that ladder than joining networks of established and aspiring ladies who are ready and willing to lift you up to their level.

So if you鈥檙e an aspiring #girlboss yourself, scroll through to find a network in your area!


1. HATCH: This is the best kind of network. It started as an informal meetup of supportive ladies and blossomed into a NYC-wide network of straight-up #girlbosses who are running creative startups. Plus, every December the group hosts HATCHBASH, a huge party complete with a prop-filled photo booth. What鈥檚 not to love?

2. Levo League: Being an an aspiring #girlboss, you鈥檝e definitely heard of Levo. You鈥檝e probably turned to their content for business and life advice many a time, and you know that they also contribute some awesome content right here at Brit + Co. But what you might not know is that Levo League has local chapters too. There are chapters in every major city across the country and internationally, so get out there and start makin鈥 some connections!

3. Ladypreneur League: Could #ladypreneur be the new #girlboss? This one鈥檚 another informal group turned real-deal network, founded by badass business lady Porsha Thomas. If you鈥檙e in the Atlanta area, go throw down with these awesome ladies.

4. Crave: Part life coaching company, part business network, all awesome. The ladies behind this network want you to ask yourself what you CRAVE. Whether that鈥檚 a fast-paced bustling entrepreneur lifestyle or a more relaxed four-day work week, they鈥檝e got you covered. Events are based in major cities across the country, so chances are you can make it to at least one.


5. Women 2.0: This one鈥檚 geared toward women in tech, but really, aren鈥檛 all businesses at least part tech these days? With workshops around the world and an annual pitching summit to apply for, there are lots of opportunities to flex your #girlboss muscles. Plus they run a tech-related job board in case you need a nine-to-five to tide you over 鈥榯il your business takes off.

6. Elevate: Here鈥檚 another network with chapters in pretty much every American city we can name off the tops of our heads, plus a few overseas ones. Scroll through the events page and you鈥檒l find multiple awesome-sounding meetups every day. And their members are doing some seriously awesome things, like negotiating UN resolutions and doing TED Talks.


7. #Girlboss Network: Based in Birmingham, this one boasts huge quarterly networking events and an even bigger annual conference with a seriously impressive speaker list. Plus, there鈥檚 the #girlboss name 鈥 not affiliated with Sophia Amoruso, but a testament to the power of the movement.

8. Female Entrepreneur Association: If you don鈥檛 live near any of these locations, then don鈥檛 worry 鈥 we鈥檝e still got you covered. The Female Entrepreneur Association is 100 percent online, so you can connect with some truly rad #girlbosses while doing the startup grind in your pajamas at home. It鈥檚 a whole online community with membership, content and free worksheets and resources.

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(Photo via HATCH)