Though Gmail hasn’t given us the ability to customize our email address just yet (please make this rumor a reality!), the email platform *did* recently grant us the power of unsend (a lifesaver, TBH!). Now there are even more sanity-saving functions to use from the tech giant. In a blog post shared Tuesday, Gmail revealed that its web and Android users will be able to block and unsubscribe.

gmail Block

If you’ve ever felt particularly annoyed or kinda creeped out by a certain person/Gmail user, you can now *finally* block them from contacting you. By blocking their email address on Gmail’s web platform or the Android app, their emails will be filtered to your spam folder. Of course, if you wind up missing the presence of anyone you’ve blocked, you can always change their blocked status in Settings. So to Annoying Person X who keeps sending those old school email chain letters or updating you on the status of their weekly radio show, it might just be see you later and not see you never.

gmail Unsubscibe

If you’re over some of those emails from companies that you once loved, or just feel like they bombard you a little too much, then the unsubscribe feature on Android devices will be your ultimate exit-stage-left timesaving device. Already an option on the desktop version of Gmail, the new unsubscribe button gives you the ease of leaving mailing lists without all the effort. Where you used to have to click a link at the bottom of an email that took you to a company’s website to confirm more than a half-dozen times you want to unsubscribe, now you can just click the button in the Gmail app and never have to worry about them anymore. iOS users, sorry, but there is no word on when this will be heading to your devices.

We’re all about these two new Gmail features — just promise us you won’t unsubscribe from ournewsletter or block us, thanks! ;)

Are you more into the block or unsubscribe feature on Gmail? Let us know in the comments.

(GIFs via Gmail)