The iPhone rumor mill has already started to churn! And we were intrigued this week when we heard about rumors that the next Apple iPhone might come in a gold version. Really, aluminum is so last year! If you can’t wait until the new iPhone comes out to gild your tech, we’ve got 10 ways to go for the gold that are available now.

Gold Bar USB

1. Gold Bar USB Drive (from $16): Your data is as good as gold, so you keep it protected with this USB drive that looks like a gold bar.

Metallic Leather iPad Sleeve

2. iPad Sleeve Metallics Leather ( $130): This simple sleeve will protect your tech and glitter a bit in the process.

Gold Boa iPhone Back

3. Gold Boa iPhone Case ($13): For those who don’t want to cover up too much of their phones, this metallic snakeskin backing is just the thing to protect and show off your device.

Friends Taylor Headphones

4. Friends Taylor Headphones ($200): Available in gold or rose gold, we can’t get enough of these stunners. (If you want to design your own headphones we’ve got a tip for that, too.)

PlayStation 3 Wireless Controller

5. PlayStation 3 Dualshock Wireless Controller ($40): Take your video games to the next level (or at least make those controllers nicer to look at!), with these gold ones for the PS3. Even better? They’re wireless.

Friends Ella Earbud Headphones

6. Friends Ella Earbud Headphones ($99): If earbuds are more your style, these gold cage ones will be like music to your ears.

Chrome Slider Case

7. Chrome Slider Case ($30): If you’re going to go gold, you might as well go all out. We love this glossy sliding case.

Lomography Diana Baby 110 Gold Cmera

8. Lomography Diana Baby 110 Gold Camera ($75): While not exactly high tech, this gold camera will fit right in on your next photo walk.

Gold Computer Mouse

9. Gold Computer Mouse ($130): We can’t decide what we like more: that this mouse is gold, or that it’s shaped like a Porsche.

Gold Wireless Amplifier

10. 24K Gold iPhone Passive Horn Amplifier ($1,017): For the person who has everything, might we suggest this gold horn that amplifies your iPhone speaker without having to plug anything in.

Where do you stand on gold tech? Love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments!