Gwyneth Paltrow’s annual Goop gift guide is always a bit of a wild card. Never one to promote particularly practical or affordable purchases (see the $90,000 trip to space she included this year), we always count on the curated collection to serve as inspiration — just not necessarily a direct “add to cart” sort of list. If, like most of us, you’re on a budget while doing your holiday shopping this year, we suggest you take a look at these slightly more affordable (or DIYable!) versions of a few items on Goop’s list. Buy or make them all and you’ll have saved yourself a whopping $10,789. How’s that for a Merry Christmas?


1. Censer Incense Burner ($580): We vote you go ahead and save yourself something like $570 by heading to the craft store and grabbing a little bit of clay and paint to make this minimal yet fun incense burner from Curbly.


2. Je T’aime Necklace ($675): While the language might be different, the sentiment is the same. Swap the luxe French version for this super similar $15 option.


3. Apparatus Studio’s Shift Cup and Saucer ($340): Yet again, let’s chat about the magical miracle that is paint. Grab a good-looking mug and saucer and some painter’s tape and follow this DIY to get the look for waaay less.


4. Chloé Intarsia Wool Sweater ($1,385): Fairisle sweaters are a holiday staple, but they don’t have to cost you a grand. Copy the cozy feel of this designer sweater with this splurge from ASOS ($206).


5. Medium Bento Bag ($20): If you’re looking to lower your environmental impact (or help someone else do the same), bento bags are the way to go. Swap them for Zip Locs whenever you can and fill your cupboards with fun, patterned bags. Skip that $20 and instead head to the fabric store to buy a few different fun fabrics and DIY your friends a whole set.


6. Panama Jewelry Box ($1,295): Because really, why get a jewelry box that’s more expensive that most of the jewelry you own? Keep the sleek gray coloring and simple design and even get some added space with this option from West Elm ($219).


7. Design Within Reach Vertical Organizer ($405): When space is tight, vertical desk organizers are kind of a life saver. The one Goop highlighted from Design Within Reach is a solid choice, but we’ve been having a love affair with Urbio’s interchangeable design for a while now. Kick things off with this starter set ($175) and add more panels as you need them.


8. Macbook Pro 13″ Skin ($94): Keep that shiny new Macbook Pro Santa brought you looking sharp by protecting its sleek exterior. Skip the bright colored cases and instead opt for something that replicates a natural material. Goop’s option is a case made of actual slate, but you can get an equally good-looking version from this maker on Etsy ($11).


9. Constellation Chocolate Box ($28): Rather than spend $28 on six cubes of chocolate, we suggest you DIY a lucky recipient their very own custom-made box of chocolate truffles. If you’re really digging the gilded touch, follow Martha Stewart’s advice by coating some with edible luster dust.


10. Cordito Cord and Plug Rollup ($49): We cringe just thinking about how many hours we waste just trying to get our pesky tech cords untangled. Help simplify someone’s life by gifting a less expensive version of this plug roll up. These gilded tacos ($29) take up almost no space in your bag but will make all the difference. If you prefer the roll-up style, here’s a quick DIY showing you how to make your own.


11. Helsinki Wireless Speaker ($449): There’s no denying that this adorable purse-shaped speaker is one of the most stylish options out there. Nevertheless, almost half a grand is a lot of dough to drop just to blast Adele on repeat. For a more affordable option, we recommend this PERI Duo phone case ($119) that serves as a phone case, portable speaker and mobile charger all in one. Get it before Novemeber 30 and score it for $70 off the regular retail price.


12. Shaka Cuff Links ($195): Looking for a special something for your favorite dude? If he just snagged himself a fancy new job that requires a business suit, these silly cufflinks are a subtle way to remind him to have a little bit of fun every day. We swapped the hang loose vibes for this perky thumbs up option ($24) and saved $171.


13. Hand Dyed Indigo Eye Pillows ($36): These hand-dyed pillows are stuffed with flaxseed and lavender to help soothe and relax while you get some Zs. Copy this idea by snagging this indigo dye kit ($30) and creating custom designs for each member of your squad. (You’ll also have some left over to make yourself something cool.) Then stitch up your custom made fabric and simply stuff it with the same ingredients.


14. Aquavov Ruby Water Filter ($1,100): Here’s a super easy way to turn a serious splurge into a steal. This ruby water filter is definitely one way to take your kitchen decor to the next level, but being the girls-on-the-go that we are, we opted to swap it for this colorful alternative from Bobble ($10) that can travel with us.


15. Chelsea All-in-1 Kitchen ($449): When you’re a kid, what’s more fun than playing pretend? If the little one on your list loves to spend their afternoons being the best chef in America, a play kitchen is definitely one way to win their heart. Goop’s pick from Pottery Barn is certainly a classic option, but this alternative from Target ($121) is just as sleek and $328 cheaper.


16. Initial Stud Earring ($200): These personalized earrings are an easy way to give a super thoughtful gift on the cheap. Goop’s price tag is cranked up because of real diamonds and 14k yellow gold. Our pick from Bauble Bar ($28) also features 14k gold but with fake diamonds instead of the real deal.


17. Alison Lou Mrs. Ring ($950): If you’re cool with skipping the tiny diamond, you can save yourself a whopping $921 by opting for this nearly identical option ($29).


18. Toothpaste Squeezer ($244): You know you’ve made it when you’re down to drop $244 on something like a fancy toothpaste squeezer. Stuff someone’s stocking with this colorful option from the Container Store ($3) that’s just as effective.


19. Gilded Playing Cards ($2,300): If your dad takes that annual game of family poker VERY seriously, here’s a way to make the tradition a little more fun. Our alternative retails for $15 and might make for the trickiest game of War you’ve ever played.


20. Wood Fire Pizza Oven ($1,995): Everybody has at least one foodie on their shopping list. Gift a pizza oven as a present both you and the recipient can enjoy. If you’re sending it to someone sans a giant backyard, this miniature version ($169) is just as fun and takes up a fraction of the space.

Are you planning on doing any of these hacks this holiday season? Share with us in the comments below.