Have you dived into live streaming your life yet? If you’ve been skeptical about the latest frontier in the world of Internet sharing, now may finally be the time for you to dip your feet into the real-time video waters. One of the leading live streaming outlets, Meerkat (Free on iOS + Android), just announced its integration with everyone’s fave tiny camera, GoPro. Go tweet, snap, text + share the news with all your friends that HD live streaming has arrived.

GoPro meerkat

To take on its rival + the Twitter-integrated Periscope, Meerkat revealed that GoPro users can now live stream their adventures — hiking, skiing or even just shopping — through the lens of their high definition camcorder instead of that impressive, but not 1080p-quality, smartphone cam. The feature is currently only supported on GoPro3 + GoPro4 cameras and solely available for iOS devices at the moment, with an Android update coming soon (like always).

The path to GoPro live streaming is a simple one. Just connect your GoPro to your iPhone through the GoPro iOS app, open Meerkat and shake your phone (#ShakeIt). Then the HD streaming fun begins.

With this new feature and the other recent additions to Meerkat — like Cameo, Facebook Connect + Meerkat Library — it’s clear this app is aiming for that number one spot in the live streaming world.

Does GoPro’s new integration with Meerkat make you want to use the live streaming app more? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @appmeerkat + @appmeerkat)