We’ve all suffered through the humiliation of a cracked screen. We’ve plucked shards of glass out from our fingertips and lived to tell the tale. But it’s not our faults! Up until this point, our phone screens simply couldn’t withstand our lifestyle. (Right? It’s not our fault?) But now we have hope that our phones will finally live up to our expectations.

broken phone

Corning, the company who produces Gorilla Glass, released version five of its ultra-durable display in Palo Alto on Wednesday. Generally, Corning has tested their glass from pocket-level drops. But this time the glass was dropped from shoulder height, or about 5’2″. The glass survived, completely intact, 80 percent of the time.

Broken mobile phone

However, we don’t know exactly in which phones Gorilla Glass 5 will appear. We know that Samsung, Motorola and LG all use Gorilla Glass in their displays, but there are rumors that Apple and Gorilla Glass have parted ways. So your iPhone is still susceptible to cracking. Corning also mentioned that the strength of the glass will depend on how manufacturers design their phones and the thickness of the glass they use. But wherever Gorilla Glass ends up, you can be sure our accident-prone selves will follow gladly.

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(h/t Mashable; Photos via Getty)