Homecoming trips to my alma mater (go Badgers!) have historically involved plenty of shenanigans, mountains of fried cheese curds and a mediocre night鈥檚 sleep in a boring, dreary hotel room. Graduate Hotels is hoping to change that last part by opening geek chic, almost-boutique hotels near college campuses across the country. The new chain is drawing inspiration from the university experience itself, focusing on alum-friendly details like locally inspired art collections and incorporating accessible community spaces like coffee shops and bars.

You don鈥檛 you don鈥檛 have to fully relive your college glory days (thank goodness) by sleeping on a beer-soaked futon and eating ramen from a microwave. You can, however, expect quirky little details like designer dorm-inspired furniture, red solo cup artwork and full-service restaurants serving up local classics. They鈥檝e done their homework, though methinks there鈥檚 a disappointing lack of Weezer posters.

Graduate Hotels鈥 Tempe outpost opens in October right in the middle of the Arizona State action and fully equipped with nostalgia, visiting food trucks and walking tacos. According to their site, their 鈥渨hip smart staff (#humblebrag) can guide you around Tempe鈥檚 finest 鈥 so that you feel like a local, at home again 鈥 even if it鈥檚 your first time here.鈥

The construction is far from over though, as Graduate Hotels has raised around $500 million to expand and has already announced opening semesters for locations in Athens, Charlottesville, Madison (yay!) and Oxford. They plan to open a whopping 20 budget-friendly hotels over the next five years.

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