With the popularity of @boyswithplants and #plantlife shelfies, it seems like plants are everywhere these days — digitally, at least. But when it comes to IRL, honest-to-goodness greenery, there’s one spot that’s still sorely lacking: our offices. If you’re spending time in a cubicle farm, you’ve probably noticed yourself longing for sunlight and green (especially in the dark winter months). But not everyone can have a corner office looking out on a plant-filled veranda, which is why designer Johan Kauppi created the Limbus GreenFrame.

The GreenFrame is a freestanding, solid ash frame fitted with a lighting bar to encourage plant growth and create an effect similar to having a window nearby. I often long for the forest and have a beautiful Norfolk pine next to my desk, always making me happy,” Kauppi noted. That cheering effect led him to want to offer a similarly plant-filled workday experience to others. The result, he says, is “a mixture of a room divider, green furniture, and light fixture.”

While we can certainly imagine using this piece at home (especially in tiny apartments not blessed with floor-to-ceiling windows), there’s no denying that it’s particularly suited to office spaces. The GreenFrame interacts nicely with another of Kauppi’s designs, a floor screen called Limbus Subtle, which was created to absorb sound as well as physically divide a space.

The white light embedded in the frame keeps the look minimal. And while the light source is keeping your plants happy, your plants could be doing the same for you: Studies have shown that some houseplants help keep your workspace healthy, and can even make you more productive. (Definitely a perk when you’re in the middle of an endless workweek.)

The GreenFrame just debuted at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and is currently only available upon request from Glimakra of Sweden. But keep your eyes peeled: It could be coming to a (very hip) workplace near you.

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(Photos via Kauppi & Kauppi)