Just like meditation and sweet potato recipes, indoor plants are having a major moment. Whether it鈥檚 low maintenance plants you have to try to kill, cleaning houseplants that purify the air or simply pretty leafy things in pots, greenery quite literally gives your space life. Which is half of why we are so totally obsessed with the relatively new Instagram account Boys With Plants: If there鈥檚 one thing we love more than cool houseplants, it鈥檚 cute boys. We chatted with the founder about his increasingly popular page 鈥 the Australian shared that he runs another popular plant-based Insta account with 20K followers and counting, though he wishes to remain anonymous (the intrigue!).

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B+C: Okay, an Instagram page dedicated to cute boys and green plants is GENIUS 鈥 and so 鈥渙f the moment.鈥 What made you decide to start the account?

BWP: I often click on my followers鈥 profiles [of the other plant-based page] to see what they upload (particularly if their profile picture is of a handsome guy!), and I saw lots of great pics of guys with plants. A 鈥減lant friend鈥 and I also used to share photos between us and thought that maybe other people would enjoy the photos too. My friend still sends me a few great options every day. It鈥檚 been quite exciting watching the followers grow and comments every day from people saying it鈥檚 their new favorite IG account.

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B+C: Your daily photos are gorgeous, and we鈥檙e not just talking about those good-looking guys. The plants, the lighting, the locations 鈥 they鈥檙e all super dreamy. Where do you find your photos, besides your followers鈥 Insta accounts?

BWP: Since BWP has started to grow, more people have been using the hashtag #boyswithplants, or they鈥檒l DM me images from their accounts or send images they would like to contribute to the page. I also enjoy including some of the 鈥減lant friends鈥 I鈥檝e met through Insta. Some of the submissions I get have been a bit risqu茅鈥 I quite enjoy seeing them, but sometimes they鈥檙e not so suitable under IG guidelines!

B+C: Other than those risqu茅 photos, have you been surprised by anything after starting this account that you can share with us?

BWP: Initially, I thought the most popular images would be scantily clad muscle-guys as the central image and then the plants as an aside, but I couldn鈥檛 have been more wrong. By far the most popular images are the ones of cool hipster-types who are very much secondary to the plants, which are the hero in the shot.

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B+C: You post regularly, which we have to thank you for; there鈥檚 no better 3pm pick-me-up than scrolling through a few photos of cute guys and cool plants. Do you have a schedule or any rules when it comes to posting?

BWP: I am loving the new feature on IG that allows you to bookmark images. As I get suggestions or find new images that might be appropriate, I bookmark them. Then every eight hours or so (that鈥檚 three images a day, evenly spread over the day) I look through the bookmarked images and choose one that works with the images before. If I did a close-up face last, I like to do a distant or mid-sized one next. I also like to include guys of different sizes and ages and from different parts of the world.

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B+C: We hate to do this to you, but we鈥檙e going to ask you to play favorites 鈥 is there one particular image you love more than the others?

BWP: My fave image is the one I currently have as the icon 鈥 it鈥檚 the perfect combination of a clean image, the plant as the hero and a handsome guy.

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B+C: To start an Instagram account like this, you must love plants too. Do you have any varieties you keep in your own home?

BWP: Personally I am a huge fan of tropical plants and succulents (which is the theme of my first IG account), and I have a balcony full of them. My faves are Platycerium (staghorn and elkhorn ferns), philodendrons in their many types and, of course, who can鈥檛 go past a Monstera as the perfect houseplant.

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