We’re gonna go ahead and call this another win for the clean beauty movement. According to Racked, Goop CEO Lisa Gersh announced yesterday that Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand will launch its own skincare line in January.


While it hasn’t been confirmed if the products will be all-natural at all, we’re guessing that sustainability will play into the direct-to-consumer line in a big way. Goop has always offered up health-conscious content, from documenting Gwyneth’s greens-fueled diet to promoting workout whiz Tracy Anderson’s body-leaning routines. Add to that the fact that Gwyneth has been flexing her clean beauty muscles as creative director of makeup for the organic beauty brand Juice Beauty, and the move — + our green inkling — seems completely natural.

According to Gersh, we can expect the products to live up to Goop’s meticulously curated standards. We’re hoping that translates into elegant packaging, jetset-friendly sizing and formulas based on Gwyn’s favorite holistic living tips. Considering this will just be one of many Goop-branded products to come in 2016, we don’t even have to make a New Year’s resolution to live a Goop-ier life.

(h/t Racked, featured photo via Michael Buckner/Getty, photo via @gwynethpaltrow)