With your back-to-campus move-in day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to decorate your dorm room — with help from IKEA, obvi! Finding space to store your stuff in cramped quarters requires just a little creativity and a few brilliant DIY hacks. Get ready to ace “Dorm Room Decor 101” and make your on-campus digs the envy of your whole floor with these 24 projects. Whether it’s adding more storage to your desk or bringing some color to your duvet cover, these dorm decor DIYs can easily (and inexpensively) turn a few items from IKEA into something you’ll love for the next four years.


1. DIY IKEA Desk Hack: You’re going to be spending a lot of time at your desk, so better make it pretty. Add some instant style to your workspace (and some much-needed storage) with this easy-to-follow DIY. (via Lovely Indeed)


2. DIY Brass Headboard: Spruce up that tiny dorm bed with a show-stopping headboard. Even those early morning classes will be a little better when you can #wakeuplikethis. Whether you go with metallic gold or neon polka dots, adhesive paper is a great way to accent a basic IKEA headboard. (via Sugar & Cloth)


3. DIY IKEA Storage Hack: Having to trek down the hall to the bathroom can be a bit of a hassle, but don’t let it cramp your style. Give your vanity a lot of extra storage with this clever storage rack that can be used for everything from beauty supplies to pantry items. (via Brit + Co)


4. DIY Faux Brass Drawer Fronts: Dorms aren’t exactly #blessed with storage options, so investing in two or more IKEA cabinets is super helpful for keeping all your stuff together. Just add gold foil paper to instantly glam up those plain white drawers. (via Sugar & Cloth)


5. DIY Color Dipped Clothes Hamper: Make the trek down to the laundry room a little more bearable with a pretty basket. Pick one up at IKEA and copy this color-dipped look for an extra pop of color in your dorm room. (via Lovely Indeed)


6. DIY Concrete Table Lamp: Skip the glaring fluorescent light and DIY a chic table lamp. This inexpensive project is just what you need to add some subtle mood lighting to your desk or nightstand. (via Paper & Stitch)


7. DIY Storage Bins: Glam storage FTW. You can keep all your photos, important files and homework organized in these colorful Kate Spade-inspired storage boxes. (via J Petite)


8. DIY Rug Hack: Dorm room flooring has a reputation for being downright terrible. Whether you’re dealing with grungy old carpet or cold wooden floors, you can perk up your room inexpensively by painting an IKEA rug with bright colors and patterns. (via Brit + Co)


9. DIY Custom Cork Board: If you don’t have room for an actual cork board, use IKEA’s cork trivets as a fun alternative. Keep track of your keys by mounting these cute little boards right by the door… after painting them your favorite colors, obviously. (via Oh Everything Handmade)


10. DIY Cross Stitch Office Supplies: Those textbooks will have you collecting pens and highlighters like nobody’s business. Here’s a DIY project that can add a bit of color to your desk while keeping your pens neatly corralled. (via Camille Styles)


11. DIY Bar Cart Kitchen: No room for a pantry? DIY one with the IKEA bar cart and a can of spray paint. Plus, wheels, so you can roll it right next to your futon for easy snacking or entertaining. (via Jessica Slaughter)


12. DIY Clipboard Wall: Need some functional art? Hang up calendars, homework assignments and fashion inspo on these color-coded pinboards that don’t require any nails in the wall. (via Brit + Co)


13. DIY Pouf: Bean bags are *v* last year. Go for the classier option of a floor pouf that can double as a side table if you put a tray on top. (via Kristi Murphy)


14. DIY IKEA Hack Pom Pom Blanket: Just because you’re living in a tiny space for a few months, doesn’t mean you can’t express your style from floor to ceiling. Dress up plain IKEA blankets with pretty tassels for the ultimate boho-chic dorm room. (via Treasures & Travels)


15. DIY Midcentury Style IKEA Desk Hack: Boring old desk, begone! Dress up an IKEA table with pretty legs and a patterned backdrop to make a statement in your study area. (via Dream Green DIY)


16. DIY IKEA Hack Drawers: Keep all your desk goodies organized and neat with these IKEA drawers. With some paint and masking tape, you’ll have everyone in the building asking where you got your stylish accessories. (via Brit + Co)


17. DIY Pleated Pom Pom Curtains: Give yourself some privacy and add some flair to the room at the very same time. You can buy rolls of pom pom and glitter trim from a craft store on the cheap, and create whatever color combos you please. (via A Beautiful Mess)


18. DIY Geometric Pinboards: Keep track of those to-do lists on the cutest bulletin board combo ever. We suggest making your own calendar pages while you’re at it. (via Enthralling Gumption)


19. DIY Gold Polka Dot Pillows: The easiest and fastest way to customize a dorm room futon or bed is with plenty of pillows. Next time your friends come over for a study session or pizza party, you’ll want to have plenty of floor pillows on hand. (via Brit + Co)


20. DIY Tissue Paper Pots: Just because you live in a dorm doesn’t mean you can’t bring nature inside. Plus, plants = productivity, so make sure you’ve got a couple low-maintenance succulents or cacti chilling on your desk. (via Tell Love and Party)


21. DIY Dyed Faux Fur Sheepskin: Nothing adds character to a dorm room more easily than a stylish and cozy faux fur rug. Follow this tutorial to dye the inexpensive IKEA sheepskin any color you please, including hot pink. (via Paper & Stitch)


22. DIY IKEA Chopping Board Side Table: Options are pretty limited when it comes to furniture in a dorm room. That’s why this DIY table is the perfect accent, because it doesn’t take up much space, making it the perfect nightstand. (via Enthralling Gumption)


23. DIY Shibori Duvet: A little bit of dyeing can really add extra life to a duvet you already own or an inexpensive white one from IKEA. Take a cue from all your favorite summer colors and dip dye your duvet cover for a whole new look. (via A Beautiful Mess)


24. DIY Doormat: Pick up an inexpensive doormat at IKEA and turn it into a sassy doormat. These are a must for college life. Set them up in front of your dorm door and let everyone know exactly where the party’s at. (via Brit + Co)

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