A new year means a whole new season of IKEA hacks, and these just might be the best ones yet. Sophisticated style meets creative ingenuity for a wide variety of looks and updates that will completely transform the look of your space. If you haven’t got the time or energy for an uber-involved project, there are simple projects you can complete in minutes. Or if you’re a DIY fiend on the hunt for your next challenge, you’ll find that here as well. The point is, no matter your availability, commitment or skill level, there’s a DIY upgrade with your name on it.


1. DIY Cocktail Ottoman: This idea is a shining example of what makes IKEA hacks so great — they’re among the best ways to create high-end style on a budget. This project is fairly extensive with quite a few steps, but the payoff is worth it. (via My Melodrama)


2. DIY Colorful Shelves: It can be tough to find a piece of furniture that fits juuust right with your aesthetic. This idea is awesome because you can add a subtle pop of color while customizing it to match your overall decor. (via Flax & Twine)


3. DIY Floating Storage: Storage is the kind of thing we can all use a little more of, but too much of it can encroach on your space. This DIY storage unit idea is the perfect blend of style and space-saving utility. (via Sugar & Cloth)


4. DIY Mid-Century Desk: Two dressers become one fabulous mid-century desk with this idea. Use it to infuse a dose of nostalgia into your design. (via Good Housekeeping)


5. DIY Furry Chair: Not only is a faux-fur chair ultra cozy, but it also happens to be super on trend. Add one (or three) of these to your look for an easy peasy upgrade. (via The Key Item)


6. DIY Gilded Desk: Who wants a plain ol’ run-of-the-mill desk when you can have this gilded gem? It’s incredibly simple to make and will immediately punch up your style. (via Style Me Pretty)


7. DIY Hanging Light: There might not be anything more creative than this. What was once a stool has transformed into a stylish illuminated treasure. (via Mommo Design)


8. DIY Cork Board Organizer: Cork boards have a limitless capacity to make your life more organized. Take yours to the next level with this organizational hack that will let you keep track of important dates, invites and to-dos by their designated category. (via Infarrantly Creative)


9. DIY Mini Cabinet: A good stencil and a little paint go a long way. This itty bitty cabinet makes a lovely home for jewelry, office supplies or any other miscellaneous precious items that need extra protection. (via Look What I Made)


10. DIY Painted Pillows: This idea couldn’t be easier, but it makes a huge impression. Add colorful personality to any room in your home by spicing up ordinary pillows with your favorite colors and patterns. (via Etsy Blog)


11. DIY Distressed Cabinet: As it turns out, this lovely china cabinet used to be a dresser. Take advantage of this idea if you’re looking to showcase your favorite items in a way that’s equally creative and trendy. (via IKEA)


12. DIY Lace Towels: Fancy towels are one of the marks of adulthood. A little time and ingenuity will let you make your own on a budget so that you can have the grown-up look even if your bank account could still use a little growth. (via IKEA)


13. DIY Subway Tile Tables: Subway tile is a stellar option for bathrooms and backsplashes, so it’s no surprise that it also looks amazing on furniture. Get down on this idea to have the most innovative tables on the block. (via IKEA)


14. DIY Organizer: If IKEA hacks teach us anything, it’s the about the magical power of deconstruction. Removing doors and switching up hardware can transform an average dresser into chic storage customized to your needs. (via Redbook)


15. DIY Faux-Wood Headboard: Organic materials are about to be a big deal in 2017. Get one step ahead of the game by giving your headboard the natural element treatment without the extra cost. (via Sugar and Cloth)


16. DIY Plant Stands: Plants bring all kinds of good vibes, but they can also take up precious surface real estate. Give your plants proper presentation without sacrificing surface area with this clever idea. (via: Sugar & Cloth)


17. DIY Mirror Mural: Sometimes all it takes is a bit of thoughtful arrangement to update the entire look of a room. These hexagonal mirrors can be pieced together in infinitely creative shapes as they expand your room’s visual space. (via Sugar & Cloth)


18. DIY Distressed Wooden Shelves: The key to a compelling design is all in the details. Wood stain and brand new brackets are all it takes to turn basic shelves into expensive-looking storage solutions. (via Sugar & Cloth)


19. DIY Desk: A person’s work and organizational needs are infinitely varied, but standard desks usually aren’t. Fortunately, with a solid vision and some elbow grease, you can create the desk of your dreams with your own two hands. (via Lovely Indeed)

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