Alright ladies (and gentlemen, in this case), with the million and two products out there, how can we know which ones that we should be messing with when styling our hair? You could either do it the way I did and break your bank account buying any and all products that strike your fancy, or you can find someone who has already done this and get the scoop broken down into simple real talk. Lucky for you, I have quite a few golden finds up my sleeve and today, and we’re going to talk about one in particular goody that is sure to get you through some major hair-styling dilemmas!


What is this little TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick ($23) and why are we obsessing over it?! I discovered this little gem years ago when I first started doing hair and makeup for weddings, and I have to tell you, EVERY gal I share it with (along with the proper way to use it) quickly becomes as obsessed with it as I am. This little wax stick operates in a push-up way like your deodorant (or remember Push-Pops from back in the day?), so you don’t have to really gunk up your fingers when applying it — major score. Plus, the texture is soft and pliable with a semi-matte finish so you can tame, shape and creature texture without getting that greasy weighed-down finish. Still not sold? Here are three super easy ways to style with it:

Tame Those Dang Fly Away Hairs


You know the ones I’m talking about — those stray hairs that are not quite long enough to willingly kick it with the rest of your longer hairs and want to be stubborn standout jerks that make styling the easiest hairdos a pain. Yup, those ones.


Simply bust out this magic hair stick and gently run the tip of it along the surface of your hair. The waxy texture will grab all the stray hairs and gently meld them to the longer hairs, making them stay down for good.

Mend Your Ends


If your hair is dry with split ends or tends to be frizzy, then this next trick is your move!


Pick up a tiny amount of the wax by rubbing your finger on the top of it. Then simply piece out the ends of your hairs — it’s a must-do move when you’re going for those effortless waves. This product is great for this because it’s not too heavy (as long as you don’t overuse it).

Slick Back With Some Hardcore Hold


This product can be used minimally to create a soft subtle look but can also be used to full-on glue your hair down — it’s one of the qualities that makes this a must have! On Juliette, we pulled one side of her hair back behind her ear and used the wax stick directly on the part of her hair that we want to stay polished, smooth and flat up against her head for that chic finish.


There is so much you can make happen with one super diverse hair stick. The trick to this product is learning how much is the right amount for your hair texture and type. If it feels too heavy, use less. If it’s not happening, try a little more. It is literally that simple!

What products are you curious about? Share in the comments section below!