So you’ve mastered your everyday summer hairstyle and you’ve figured out how to beat the heat. But what about those days when you plan on doing more than just looking awesome? Fortunately, the savvy beauty vloggers on YouTube have some smart ideas to keep your ‘do in place for all those wet and wild activities you have lined up this summer. From your upcoming 3-day music festival to weekend beach adventures, these tutorials will keep you looking fresh so you can spend more time having fun and less time looking for a hair tie.

At the Beach

1. Beachy Side Braid: For a flawless look on the sand and off, plait this pretty side braid when you get out of the water to make the most of your salty texture. (via LaurenConrad)

Beach Day for Curly Hair

2. 3 Easy Beach Day Styles: These three styles will keep your curly locks pinned back for those breezy days on the water. Plus they take almost no time to do, so they’re still lazy girl approved. (via tribecalledcurl)

Selfies at the Beach

3. 3 Quick + Easy Beach Hairstyles: Hey, sometimes you just want a day of lounging in the sun, drinking a refreshing beverage and snapping some cute pics with your friends. Ditch the standard ponytail and go a little more polished with these ‘dos. (via Courtney Lundquist)

Hitting up a Festival

4. Quick + Easy Half-Up ‘Do: We think Zoella’s right on the nose here. Day one of a festival is pretty much the only day you’re going to have clean hair, so keep it loose but off your face with this super simple style. Then go crazy with flower crowns and buns once it starts getting greasier. (via Zoella)

Going on a Camping Trip

5. Simple, Natural Camping Hair: Don’t bother trying to bring every single hair product when you go camping because you’ll have to carry it all on your back. This video goes over how to put just the essentials to use when you can’t shower for a few days. Think: dry shampoo, hairbands, bobby pins, barrettes and hair wraps. (via TypeF)

Picture-Perfect Picnic

6. 1-Minute Bandana Hairstyles: Picnicking is already a super adorable date idea, so make sure you’re looking your cutest with one of these six styles that keep your hair off your face and lookin’ fly. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

4th of July Parties

7. Easy Side Braids and a Red Bandana: Speaking of super fly bandana styles, what better day to rock a red and white bandana than on Independence Day? Bethany also demonstrates a very easy face-framing style to top off your red, white and blue outfit. (via Bethany Mota)

Going for a Swim

8. 3 No-Heat Styles for Wet Hair: Knotted, chlorine-y hair is so not glamorous. Give your head a good rinse after some pool time, add argan oil and then style the wet hair with one of these ‘dos. Now you’re all ready to hit the pool bar. (via Belinda Selene)

At the Ball Park

9. Baseball Cap Hairstyles: Tired of the standard pony-through-the-back-of-the-hat look? Try out a curled low pony, French braid or messy bun, and your chances of ending up on the Jumbotron will double ;) (via Gillian Bower)

Pool Day for Curly Hair

10. Protection from Chlorine and Salt: Make sure you’re always protecting your naturally curly hair before swimming. Start with wet hair, condition, condition, condition and then add a hair oil (DIY recipe here!) to protect your locks from water damage. (via Naptural85)

Backyard BBQs

11. 4 Summer Looks for Naturally Curly Hair: A sunny afternoon casually roasting hot dogs and playing cornhole means you don’t have to go overboard on style. Enjoy the easy, breezy backyard parties of summer with these four hairstyles that get your curly hair off your neck. (via RisasRizos)

Vacation Jetsetting

12. Messy Bun: Even when you’re all set to go with your vacation mani-pedi and spray tan, it’s hard to feel glam on the plane when your neck pillow keeps ruining your hair. Create the perfect messy bun so that you will not live to regret the security photo they take at passport control. (via Kristen Sarah)

Cruising in a Convertible

13. Windy Day Hairstyles: Road trip with the top down? We’re in! But our hair is alllllll over the place. Get it under control with one of these styles, throw on your coolest pair of shades and hit the road. (via Luna Rose)

Which hairstyles are you going to rock on your summer adventures? Shout out your favorites in the comments!