Halloween is our favorite part of fall… forever and always. From costumes to sweet treats to decor, there’s so much fun to be had. Get yourself into the spirit (get it, spirit? Like a ghost? Har, har) by decking out your doorway, mantel or wall with a garland. Buy any one of these 13 lookers for immediately ghastly gratification.

1. Felt Skeleton Garland ($24): Love to break it down? These dancing skeletons would be awesome for a Halloween dance party. Hang this up over the door, put on some tunes and move those bones.

2. Halloween Party Garland ($18): Get a double dose of Halloween lore with black cats and jack-o’-lanterns. Get this mostly because… well, a party without cats isn’t really a party at all.

3. Bat Garland ($12): Add a vampire-costumes-only requirement to your shindig, and you’ve got yourself a Dracula-themed party that’ll be bloody fang-tastic.

4. Black and Orange Lace Bunting ($45): How chic would this look across a wall in your living room? Sit in style and watch Halloween movie classics like Hocus Pocus, and revel in your decorating genius.

5. Spooky Cat Garland Kit ($12): We’re not sure we’d call these spooky, but we are loving the subtle differences in each of these uber-cute kitties. Channel your animal instincts and hang a garland of fierce felines on your mantel.

6. Yellow Felt Ball Garland ($40): Give a nod to fall and its changing leave. Bonus: You can keep this one up through T-Day.

7. Printable Sugar Skull Garland ($5): Bring a little taste of Dia de los Muertos to your Halloween fiesta with these sweet sugar skulls.

8. Glitter Happy Halloween Garland ($24): Get to the point with a straightforward and sparkly garland.

9. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Kit ($18): If you can’t stay away from at least partial assembly of your thematic decor, get this kit and have everything you need handy for putting together this festive garland.

10. Felt Ball Garland ($15): Dress up your entryway with this cute string of felt balls. The classic orange and black makes for an adorable accoutrement that’s simple and understated.

11. Day of the Dead Garland ($60): We need these sugar skulls in our lives, stat. From the bright colors to the teeny stitching that makes up the faces, we’re hooked. Plus, how lovely are those little felt flowers?

12. Fall Leaves Tassel Garland ($35): Bring the colors and movement of rustling autumn leaves indoors. Brown, copper and red will bring tons of warmth and coziness to your space. This is another one you can leave up until Thanksgiving.

13. Black Chandelier 3D Garland Kit ($12): Multi-dimensional, matte black and totally stylish, this garland could totally make your party one heck of an elegant Halloween bash. Just remember that they’re made of card stock. So we don’t recommend swinging from these chandeliers.

Frightfully excited to decorate for Halloween? Tell us what your favorite festive decor piece is in the comments!